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  • Wamp Review: RIXE Cop Brawl Pack

    RIXE-Pack-Flics.jpgManufacturer: Studio 38
    Material: Resin
    Cost: 11.0€
    Scale: 38mm
    In this review I’ll be looking at another offering from Studio38’s Rixe street combat range of miniatures, specifically the Cop Brawl Pack. The blister contains two miniatures that are securely packaged with a nice wad of thick foam to restricts them bashing around during shipping. Each miniature is a single cast and both come with detailed resin base depicting a street.

    The first thing I noticed about these two miniatures is their size. They’re pretty big and reading the studio 38 website it says that they’re 38mm which is an odd size. In fact all the Rixe miniatures are 38mm. While this gives good value for money for this pack, 5.5€ each, I do think this is limiting as they look oddly oversized with most other urban combat skirmish games and visa-versa other miniature ranges won’t suit games designed for 38mm.

    The Sculpts
    From the off I must say that these are supposed to look cartoonish and slightly caricatured. One is tall and skinny and supports a huge moustache while his counterpart is shorter and fatter with mutton chop facial hair. Both are sculpted well and while I can’t say I like the style I can see the comedic aspect of the sculpts.
    As I pointed out above these are both one piece miniatures so no fiddling about pinning arms or weapons on. This does show in their poses which are pretty simplistic. The tall cop has is knock kneed and pigeon toed. He has his truncheon raised and is reaching for what looks like a knife (?) and the short fat cop, again has his truncheon raised but he’s also flashing his badge.
    The quality of the sculpting isn’t bad and there is plenty of detail on both their uniforms.

    Rixe-Cop-Brawl-pack.pngThe Casts
    These two come in the almost standard polyurethane grey resin and the casts are nice and crisp and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the casting. Not one air hole and mould lines are well below the norm. On the tall cop there are two rough spots under both arms but they’re hardly worth mentioning as these areas won’t be seen when they’re on the table so I doubt most gamers would bother filling them.

    I will just mention the two resin bases that also come in the pack. Both depict a small slice of a street and again are cast in polyurethane grey resin. The quality of these are very good. All the details are nice and sharp and they’re of a size that can be used with 32mm miniatures.

    Quality: 7.5/10
    , I’m not a big fan of the style or poses of these miniatures but I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who will be. There is nothing wrong with them what so ever but the just don’t grab my attention and beg to paint applied. Also the odd size goes against them in my mind.

    Assembly: 8.75/10
    , I was going to give them a 9 for quality as there is very little to do to them to get them ready for paint but those rough spots under the tall cops arms lost them .25 of a point.

    Value for Money: 9/10, I think they show exceptional value for money working out at 5.5€ each considering the size of the miniatures. But the miniatures have a very limited use so not top marks.

    Overall: 8.25/10, something strikes me as odd about this pack, the production quality is a lot higher than I expected or even, dare I say, higher that the miniatures warrant and I feel it’s wasted slightly on the stereo typical, slapstick style comedy of them.