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Wamp - Wamp Review: Alkemy, Ifrit Qaniss Suleman
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  • Wamp Review: Alkemy, Ifrit Qaniss Suleman

    IfritQaniss.jpgWamp Review: Alkemy, Ifrit Qaniss Suleman
    Manufacturer: Studio 38
    Material: Resin
    Cost: 9.0€
    Scale: 32mm
    Contact: www.figurines-studio38.com

    Nothing can better define a Khaliman that the principles of honour, loyalty and justice. These are refined and proud beings for whom the fight is nothing less than an art form.

    Alkemy is a fantasy skirmish strategy game designed by Josselin Moreau with miniatures from Jérémie Bonamant Teboul, Allan Carasco, Manuel Sanchez based in the world of Mornea. Studio38, formerly known as Kraken Editions now hold the license to the Alkemy range of miniatures and plan on continuing its evolution and releasing new miniatures into the line.

    In this review I’ll be looking at the miniature of Ifrit Qaniss Suleman who in the game is a Khaliman Djinn hunter who seeks to purify his soul through ritual combat, gulp!

    The miniature is of a bipedal cat warrior roaring out a challenge holding two punch daggers. The cat warrior is bare chested, criss-crossed with scars and wearing some loose fitting pants and some studded leather protection around its feet, knees and forearms. The pose is simple but effective with the cat warrior’s mouth open, ears back and sharp teeth on display.

    Alkemy-AfirtQaniss-Review-Graphics.pngThe miniature, cast is grey resin, comes in six pieces and includes a resin scenic base with inserts for magnets. Its two hands, head, tail and sash are separate from the main body. The cast quality is very nice and on close inspection I can only see one small air bubble on the whole mini. There is a mould line down each side of the main body but this can easily be sorted out and the smaller pieces are free of errors or production marks so all in all I’m very pleased with the quality of the miniature.

    Assembly is going to be fun. Removal of the mouldlines is straight forward and both hands need some sprue removing before attaching. The head fits on quite well but all will need pinning to secure it. The tail fits perfectly as it has a small positioning lug and the sash, which is too thin to pin sits perfectly on the model so some super glue will do the trick there.

    Quality: 9/10, the cast is very clean with very little clean-up required.
    Assembly: 9.5/10, lots of bits to this miniature but all the pieces fit very well.
    Value for Money: 9/10, 9€, roughly £7.20 for a miniature is pretty standard in today’s market but the quality of this miniature is a lot higher than most and at the end of the day you get a very imposing miniature bursting with character and attitude.
    Overall: 9.25/10, Over all I’m very pleased with the miniature, the details are nice and crisp and it offers a lot to a painter with its clean lines and open areas that will enable the painter to express him or herself.

    For those interested the English version of the rules, they can be downloaded from here (http://pj.b5z.net/i/u/2042237/f/Alke...s-THE_BOOK.pdf) and the cards from here(http://alkemynicoleblond.free.fr/eng.../index-uk.html).
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    1. Darklord's Avatar
      Darklord -
      great review cheers mate, its a nice looking figure