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  • BaneLegions 2012 - The Results

    Banelegions 2012 - Results

    What a contest! The lure of our biggest ever prize haul has tempted plenty of you to wield your brushes in anger an come up with some cracking results (heck it even tempted me to paint something too!) The Banelegions has some cracking miniatures in its range and you have certainly done them justice. I think the fact we didnt have to vote on this was maybe a good thing!! That task fell to Maelstrom Games themselves. Several of their staff (including their studio painters) took the time to choose their favourites with each judge compiling their own short lists and points awarding to their positions on that list. All the points from each judge were added together and that gave them our winners.
    So without further ado I can reveal the BaneLegions champion of 2012 is................


    with his excellent Lord of The Gabrax

    A massive well done to the mighty Thor, its a superb entry. For his efforts he takes home a copy of every new BaneLegions release FOR A YEAR!!

    In second place is......

    ....Darklord!! (Yay!!) with Vilthiss and with it a choice of a new release every month for a year!

    in third place comes XUR with his version of Keirioc-Cro . Xur grabs himself a choice of any Banelegion miniature.

    So a well done to our winners.

    Now if you havent won then don't be too dissapointed because Maelstrom seem to think they are a miniature wielding Santa and are giving away yet more goodies!!

    All these folks will be getting a 10 voucher to put towards any Banelegions miniature!

    Most Entries Andy S (4 entries)

    Highest overall standard for multiple entries Andy S

    Best alternative setting p1per for the near fuure Muldo.

    Biggest Beastie! Spectral Dragon for Typhaggaw

    Best Ulric (there was a lot of Ulric entries and a tough choice!) p1per

    Best Warband (entries of same faction) Andy S - Saxons

    Best base Sparks' Tain of the Tarvax

    Most apt setting AKA Bloody hell! It looks cold there! Andy S - Krann

    First in! Michael R Ballard

    Best Mood Corvus - Ulric

    and if you STILL havent won anything fear not because this contest has turned into a soup kitchen and theres stuff for everyone. Anyone that hasnt won a prize yet will be given a 5 voucher to use against a BaneLegion miniature.

    So folks there we go, everyones a winner. As is customary a herty thankyou to our sponsor but I think a extra hearty one to Maelstrom for the sheer awesomness of this contest and their generosity. They are a great bunch with a great store and great minis, whats not to like!

    You can find them here:

    Maelstrom Games

    A big well done to our winners (thats erm everyone that entered it seems!!) and a big thankyou to everyone that has taken the time to comment on peoples WIP's or gallery submissions.
    If you want to check out all th entries you can do so here:

    Banelegions entries

    Tim (Bananaman) will be popping along at some point I believe to leave some judges comments on the entries.

    Winners can you pm me your email address,name,etc so we can sort your prizes.

    Until next year!