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Wamp - Massive Voodoo - International Beginers Painting Course - Review
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  • Massive Voodoo - International Beginners Painting Course - Review

    Massive Voodoo - International Beginners Painting Course - Review

    At the very end of August I was lucky enough to get myself on the very first Massive Voodoo international Beginners Painting Course that was being held near Paris. Coming off the back of a whole string of successful German painting courses the guys decided to expand their wings to encompass the rest of Europe. Not only was this course held in English it was the first time the guys have held the course outside of their more familiar stomping grounds.

    Let me start by saying I enjoyed this course, simply put it was brilliant! But let me tell you why:

    Billed as a beginners course the long weekend covered pretty much everything you'd expect and then some. Starting with the artistic emotion of a piece, through colour theory, onto basing, painting, metallics, leather, eyes, weathering powders and blood through to the finishing touches that bring a piece alive. All this and so much more as well.

    Saying that it's a beginners course really does the course a disservice as it really undermines the expert touches that attending this course could bring to your painting abilities. Yes beginners can (and did) attend extremely successfully, but if looking at some of the students previous work is anything to go by some highly accomplished painters also received this course with a good level of satisfaction.

    On a personal note, we covered areas which were completed new to me through to areas which I feel comfortable with. Although putting it altogether into a single weekend did leaving me feeling that it had freshened me up. Mind you the pace of delivery was unrelenting and in places it was hard to keep up with the shear quantity of information passed across. Given the duration - finishing past 23:30 on two nights out of three makes for a knackering weekend, but as is the norm when painting the time disappears in a heart beat and before you know it you're on the way home.

    One of Romans favorite sayings over the weekend was that everything happens for a reason. For me this is really the essence of the whole course, it's not just about thinning of paints or the application of weathering powders but it's as much as the mind set and approach to the whole hobby. Of course they cover the practical details of painting and basing in a expert manner and in ways that are sometimes new and enlightening. It really boils down to the course is an extension of themselves and to understand what I mean just spend an hour or two really looking through their website; fun, quirky, artistic, inspired and quite brilliant.

    The practicalities and the method of delivery are catered for in typical massive voodoo style. For example, soon after Roman delivered colour theory via some fun powerpoint slides Raffa 'knocked up' this picture to explain how you can get from colour a to b via c rather than going directly.

    We started on the Friday around 17:00 with some artist theory and light dark contrast before going on to basing. By the time 23:30 came around we all had built a base using many of the different materials available to us and had prepped the mini.

    The following day was an epically long one with more theory, undercoating, base painting and rough mini painting. The guys called this sketching the mini as in reality we wet blended highlights and shadows in a kind of rough form. Glazing smoothed it out and enhanced the shadows and highlights. It's an interesting technique that I was familiar with but was lacking much practice. Very quickly you can build nice colour transitions and also see the areas which are working and which aren't.

    On the Sunday we completed the face, tried out a different method of blending, metallics, leather, eyes, spots with a cocktail stick as well as nice methods of adding extra interest like uhu blood splatters and strands. This day seem more rushed and given the was a large amount to cover it was possible to finish the mini and base plus try out all of the techniques covered. But everyone left the course happy.

    Be prepared to be challenged, to be tired and exhausted at the end of the weekend, but in getting to the end it feels like a start of something new. For that I say thank you Roman and Raffa. Also thank you to Francois (for the organisation) and Felix (of PK Pro for the sponsorship).

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      mcsnead17 -
      i would like to know if you will be coming to the untied states in the future maybe at the Gencon.