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  • Wamp Review: Alkemy "Colossius"

    Alkemy Colossius by Studio 38

    This thing is big and it comes with a nice looking 40mm resin base to post up on. When finally assembled he stands about 90 lumbering mm's tall. It looks to be some sort of infected vegetation golem.

    Nicely detailed vines wrap around the appendages that sport deformed protruding bones. The rib cage is exposed and there is something grossly positioned in its belly. Its left arm reaches forward with one heck of big creepy hand. I wouldn't let this thing come anywhere close to touching me. There is nice detail to this miniature but it's very chaotic. Vines and sticks intertwining like roots out of the ground. What could have been a very messy miniature of "stuff", is rather cohesive and you can understand the mess of detail.

    Painting this miniature should be fun because you aren't restricted to normal rules of nature. It's an infected plant golem! Lots of colors could be experimented with and you won't have to be as neat with the brush as say a high elf or something like that. I could even imagine sticking a little foliage on this guy here or there to add to its botanical physique.

    The mini consists of four appendages, one torso and the base makes six pieces. I was immediately bummed to see that the mini was not cushioned in the package at all and the ball of the weapon had broken off the larger piece at the chain. The little mushrooms on the head had also broken off and there is another broken wooden stick that has no home. While being in quite the PITA spot to reattach something, the other chaotic and rotten details will allow me to bond the weapon back together with a GS vine or the like. The other broken pieces aren't worth trying to save. The main pieces don't quite fit together out of the box. I'll have to do some hobby knife carving to get the joints flusher so I can mount some pins.

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      Demonn -
      that doesn't really sound too good...