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    You've been waiting with barely restrained enthusiasm for 20th September and the big new offensive - the release of the Bolt Action WWII rules.
    Warlord High Command is reporting unexpected movement at the front and our scouts are reporting a transport column speeding towards the front lines with a precious cargo of Bolt Action rulebooks. THREE WEEKS EARLY!

    Osprey Publishing, with whom we have produced this book, have pulled out all the stops to make the rulebook available as early as possible - medal citations may well be in order…
    Those of you who were amongst the first to pre-order the rulebook will already have yours to hand and be devouring it eagerly. For the rest of the pre-orders we'll be despatching those with all due speed. The pre-orders are now over - let the games begin!


    The Bolt Action rulebook is 216 pages of WWII wargaming loveliness wrapped in beautiful hardback covers. Inside you'll find rules, army lists and background for fighting games set in the greatest period of military history - the Second World War.
    If you buy the rulebook directly from us here at Warlord Games you'll also receive this free, exclusive miniature depicting a British Para aiding a wounded comrade.


    Get yourself over to the Quartermaster and arm yourself with a copy of Bolt Action. Get on with it - don't you know there's a war on!

    All Warlord Games products are available from our online store or by calling +44 (0)115 9784202. Our products ship worldwide.
    Alternatively you be all retro and actually write to us at:

    Warlord Games
    T04/T10 Technology Wing - The Howitt Building
    Lenton Business Centre - Lenton Boulevard
    Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG7 2BD