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Wamp - Wreck Age Crowdfunding on Kickstarter
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  • Wreck Age Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

    Wreck Age Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

    From their announcement:
    This kickstarter is to help us raise funds for the 2013 launch of our RPG, and tabletop game. Help us hit the (barren) ground running!

    "They say that the year is 2550.

    I can't say I believe them, because they don't know their rear from a hole in the ground. Always sifting through the ruins of the old world... Out here in the planes, we just do what we can to get by.
    Besides, those folk ain't no smarter than we are, they got left behind, just like our great great great great grandmamas and grandpapas.

    They're on a quest to make some sense out of something that just don't make any.

    Speaking of making no sense... here they come now.... Oh crap, they got their laser rifles out....


    A Drifter's work is never done.

    Wreck Age is a game world, based on the imagination of three friends and a multitude of compatriots. A world in which you are able to tell your own stories and have your own adventures.

    It's A tabletop game involving miniatures that you can collect, paint, and play with, as well as a role playing game; where your imagination takes you to new lands, and on adventures. Basically, make believe and craft night for adults all rolled up into one.

    “We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.”

    ~ George Bernard Shaw

    This isn't a re-hash or a bunch of other people's ideas, this is a brand new and fresh world. One in which you can choose how to interact, from tabletop strategy to pen and paper RPG. One in which you can choose your role, from a nomadic Hy Planes Drifter, to a ghastly Stitcher, to a member of a former multi-national conglomerate, the ARhK.


    Stretch goals:

    Stretch goals allow us to dream. A stretch goal will allow us to do things that right now are just not in the realm of possibility, but they could be, with your support. Perhaps you'll share our enthusiasm, and maybe you'll want to help make them a reality. Through your generosity, here are some things that we'd love to make happen:

    $15,000 Stretch goal

    Counters! These will allow you to keep track of various effects in the game; including: out of ammo, wounded, out of action, dying, suppressed, etc.These will be sent to anyone pledging $25 or more.

    $30,000 Stretch goal

    At $30,000, we will be producing a limited edition blister of a Wreck Age personality. This bonus will be included to anyone pledging $50 or more.

    $45,000 stretch goal

    At this level, we will be able to fund a mini (apx 5"x8") softcover rulebook. This rulebook will contain everything needed to play, (but not all the pretty art, back story, and pictures) and will be included to anyone pledging $50 or more.

    $60,000 stretch goal

    Mission scenario cards. This will allow for tabletop players to generate random scenarios without the use of tables or rolling dice.These will be sent out to anyone pledging $50 or more.

    A full color deck of cards featuring original concept art for each character in all 4 starting box sets, showing their stats, weapons, special effects, and a space to track effects.This will be included to anyone pledging $50 or more.

    $100,000 Stretch goal

    At this level, we'll be able to fund our first set of plastics. We would be making them "generic" post apocalypse models, and would welcome gamer input into what would be included in this box. The standard of quality would be as good as our metal miniatures. We wouldn't take any short cuts on this, and would want it to be as flexible as possible, with many extra pieces and parts to aid in kit-bashing and conversions.

    If we reach this stretch goal, this box set would be eventually sent to anyone pledging $100 or more. This process would likely take until at least the 2q of 2013, just to be realistic.

    Add Ons (please make sure to indicate what you are adding on when you submit your address at the end of the kickstarter):

    Junk Vendor Cart: $15

    Food Vender Cart: $15

    Security Forces Blister: $15

    Vagrants blister $15


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    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -

      The Factions

      The Hy Planes Drifters – Drifters are roving bands, descended from criminal gangs at the time of the Exodus. They value strength, and live by a strict code. They believe that anything and everything should be taken, and/or stolen, and roam the plains (planes) looking for their next mark.
      Attachment 31891
      Attachment 31890

      The Stitchmen – During the Exodus, a ship carrying medical personal crash-landed during take-off. These survivors were experts in the field of life-longevity practices, that had been as common as practice surgery in the 24th century. The survivors set out on their own in small bands, or as individuals, to carve out (sometimes literally) a place for themselves in the harsh environment of North America.

      Stakers – The resilient, the long-term thinkers, the lazy, and/or the idealistic banded together to form stable communities after the Exodus. Many of these communities now lay buried under piles of ash, bone, and e-waste, but those that remain are known as Staker communities.
      Attachment 31892
      Attachment 31893

      The Order of the Reclaimers –Reclaimers are the world's foremost authority on garbage picking. The e-waste sites of North America and the rest of the world hold a veritable treasure trove of knowledge and technology. Reclaimers seek to put the pieces of the puzzle back together, and learn about the sins of the past, and how technology could lead them back to humanity's rightful place as masters of their own destiny.
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      Caravaneer Blister: $15
      Attachment 31889