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  • Spartan Games Presents Studio Sparta & Firestorm Invasion ground-based warfare game

    Spartan Games Presents Studio Sparta & Firestorm Invasion ground-based warfare game


    From their announcement:
    Studio Sparta comes from Spartan Games where we create, manufacture and distribute exciting and fast-paced games including Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars.

    Spartan Games has a very creative and imaginative team of designers and manufacturers who produce award-winning products for various game systems. However, the creativity of our designers does not stop with our core game systems. Indeed, they often go places we have never even dreamt of going and we end up with models and figures that, until now, had no place in the Spartan Games product portfolio.

    We canít suppress this creativity and we think you will agree that the models are just too good to be locked away in the designers' imaginations.

    Thatís why Studio Sparta is here.

    FIRESTORM INVASION is our view of ground-based warfare in the FIRESTORM ARMADA galaxy, but the way we have approached the concept of enacting brutal ground-based combat is, we think, somewhat different to what you are normally offered. If you think about it, the act of invading a planet is not a simple one!

    To fully subdue your enemy during a military campaign we think you'll need to embrace three key Phases of game play:

    PHASE 1) This is the brutal ground-pounding side of combat using massive forces of tanks, ground attack craft, mechanical walkers and heavily armoured infantry. This is the part of the invasion when you use your major assets to smash your enemy, this isn't about pretending you are taking a planet with 10 tanks - this is the part when you tactically deploy waves of armour to clear the way before you, pulverising any fool who stands in your way. We call this PLANETFALL and it will be presented using 10mm scale miniatures.

    PHASE 2) Once you've smashed your enemy with a lightning strike, it's time to take, and then hold, those vital enemy hotspots. This could be fighting over a military base, entering the ruins of a devastated city, or some other strategic objective. This is where your highly trained infantry, with armoured support, come into their own. We call this CONQUEST and it will be presented using 15mm scale miniatures.

    PHASE 3) Lastly, but by no means least, comes the gritty art of daring special operations. Small teams of highly trained troops going man-to-man against the best your enemy can throw at you. Capture a bunker, rescue hostages, eliminate a target or destroy a shield generator - this is what your elite troops trained for. We call this SPECIAL OPS and it will be presented using 28mm scale miniatures.

    What this means is that the miniatures of FIRESTORM INVASION will grow to include a range of scales, 10mm, 15mm and 28m being the most common, with rules sets designed to match the level of game play. This way you can pick which element of the sprawling conflict you want to play out, or enact the entire campaign from the first landing of massed armour from space, to the final clean up and suppression of resistance with your elite troopers.

    The webstore is live!!!!

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    1. Undave's Avatar
      Undave -
      Looks like they're doing 28mm for Uncharted Seas

      and 40mm Greeks as well

      They have been busy bunnies!