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  • Privateer Press 2012 - Results

    Privateer Press 2012 - The Results

    OK boys and girls we have the results of our very first Privateer Press contest here on Wamp. Its been great having one of the biggest names in the industry here with us and I think we have done them proud. We had 43 cracking entries across 3 categories and there were some stunning paint jobs.

    For our category winners you guys have been voting for your favourites and I can reveal the following winners:

    Best Single Figure: Ice Mage by Ana
    Best Unit/Group: Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps by Blighted Panda
    Best Warjack/Warbeast: Deathjack by Coldrenminis

    Congratulations to all three of our very worthy winners, they are all deserving. However, we are not done there. Not content with that we wanted a champion to step up to the plate and take the overall crown.
    So myself and Ron Kruzie, Privateer Press's Studio Director got together to pick a best in Show and while all three were superb winners, one stood out above the others and it gives me great pleasure to announce that the Best in Show of the very first Privateer Press painting contest is............


    with her superb Ice Mage

    Its a stunning piece and a very worthy winner. Congratulations to Ana on a superb victory. Well done to Blighted Panda and Coldrenminis for their category wins too.

    Thank you to all of you that have voted or entered the contest and thanks to Privateer Press for supporting the contest. I hope you guys have enjoyed it and you can catch all the entries here:

    Privateer Press Entries