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  • DreamForge-Games going plastic on Kickstarter

    DreamForge-Games going plastic on Kickstarter

    multiview crusader.jpg

    From their announcement:
    Several months ago, I started searching for a way to improve the quality, lower the price and bump the production level to meet my customers’ expectations. I am happy to say that I have met and exceeded these goals. The Leviathan Crusader has made it to the pre-production phase (mold draft and parting line establishment for metal tooling) and is ready to become a plastic injected model kit. Not Resin, not Restic, not some soft plastic hybrid, but injected high impact styrene. The same kind of model kit you will find in any hobby store.

    One of our largest stumbling blocks has been keeping up with customer demand for our resin kits. We have found it increasingly difficult to produce our large kits in a quality, quantity and price point to meet my high standards. The constant search for a suitable service provider and manufacturing method for our resin kits has stifled design and production, taking me away from the important work of product design and game development.

    On August 16th; the first day of Gencon, we will open up our Kickstarter campaign to help fund this switch from resin and metal miniatures and models to an all plastic line.

    You can read more and possibly win a Leviathan Crusader kit by liking our Facebook page and leaving a comment so we can find you again later.

    You can read the full story here:
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      Thanks Lobo for picking up the news!