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  • Dark Age the Core: Devastation

    Dark Age the Core: Devastation
    books are printed and box set is ready!

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    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -

      From their announcement:
      GenCon 2012 is a very big convention for Dark Age fans and players out there. Not only do we have the Annual March to Immortality invitational tournament on Saturday night (with a few last-minute Qualifier Tourney events on Friday and Saturday), which will award the top player with the prestigious rank of "Immortal" and work with our expert design staff to make their own individual model (or sometimes models!) to add to the Dark Age universe and game!

      The show also brings with it the first new expansion book to the Dark Age game since 2010... Dark Age: Devastation! This great new hardcover expansion book details a newly evolved forcelist for the Skarrd faction and a brand new, never-before-seen army faction of robots - the CORE! This great new book will be on hand in good supply, so swing by and see what's new in Dark Age.

      For Dark Age players new and old, or simply fans of great new miniatures, we have a vast array of new miniatures coinciding with the Devastation release. Some of these will be in limited supply, so if anything strikes your fancy on the following list... get to our booth early on and make sure to get yours swiftly!

      The CORE Warband Boxed Set (6 great new robot models!)

      CORE Pathfinder
      CORE Rend
      CORE Menial Bots
      Dragyri Spirit Lord of the Air Caste
      Bounty Hunters Phadras & Maximo (Last year's Immortal Winner's models)
      Skarrd Father Johann; Master of Metamorphosis
      Skarrd Master Grafter Dexus
      Skarrd Dominique
      Skarrd Thrall
      Skarrd Fallen Angels
      Skarrd Grafter Apprentice

      ...and two new monstrously amazing model kits:

      A new-and-improved Skarrd Abomination and the Cult of Metamorphosis' own Nightmare Juggernaught!

      With all of these great models coming out and the entire range on hand to fill out new armies, coming on by to the Dark Age tables at the Cool Mini or Not booths is sure to be a great deal of dark and sinister fun for gamers and hobbyists alike!

      But wait... there's more!

      Any player that does a demo at one of our amazing Dark Age demonstration tables and then purchases at least $25 worth of Dark Age merchandise gets a FREE Core Rules! That's right... you get a free Core Rules book with just a few minutes of your time and models worth as much as the book is! You can't beat an opportunity like this one.

      So, we hope to see you out there at GenCon, and we know you'll stop by and see what Dark Age has to offer!

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