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  • Trench 2114 Crowdfunding 15mm Consulate Forces on

    Trench 2114 Crowdfunding 15mm Consulate Forces on

    From their announcement:
    The purpose of our little campaign is simple, we want to be able to get our produce out to you quicker than we could ever hope to do on our own. As mentioned earlier we are very small and our budget limited. So far we have been able to successfully produce our first set, the Iron Will (Germany) Panzer troops. A unit of heavy style infantry, these will be followed later this month by there light infantry counter parts the Heer infantry.Safely though this has been a arduous task and to reach our goals of creating the next parts of our line in a reasonable time frame will take some help.

    Thats we're your help can come in, are plan is to use any successful funds to put out our next two factions basic units of light and heavy infantry, a task that on our small budget would take many months and even drag into next year! With your help we can fund the sculpting and production of our Consulate (Neo France) and Royal Kingdom (UK) forces, bringing them into play as early as September!

    For some of the available perks and unit details you can check out the list to the right and our photo gallery and home web site of In the end our goal is simple, get our unique universe of 15mm miniatures out to you to play with!

    Below are the upcoming Heer infantry.

    Trench2114 Heer Infantry.jpg
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