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  • Ironwind Metals GenCon 2012 Exclusives

    Ironwind Metals GenCon 2012 Exclusives

    From their announcement:
    Gen Con is just a few weeks away and we have a few new things to announce that will make the show. Come see us at Booth 1713.

    As usual we will have all of the Battletech Archive, Online Exclusive BT and FT lines at the show. This includes all of the Battle Armor, Infantry, Dropships, and Micro Fighters in Blue Bins. Attached to this post is a PDF file of the Battletech Alpha List, has all but Clams and LE and Con Exclusive on it.

    XTRO Lance Pack $41.95 (Limited Quantities)
    No-Dachi 3X
    Rifleman RFL-X3
    Wraith TR2-X
    Victor VTR-9K2

    Battlemaster Museum Scale Mech $49.95 (Limited Quantities)
    Omega Super-Heavy Mechs $39.95
    2012 Limited Edition Jumping Atlas $25.00
    Hauberk Commando 28mm Battle Armor $16.95
    Leopard Mech Scale Dropship $79.95 (Limited Quantities)
    Primitive Shadow Hawk $14.95 and Nighthawk 28mm Power Armor from the Bounty Hunter Packs sold individually at the Convention.

    normal_Atlas_009 (1).JPG


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    1. NeatPete's Avatar
      NeatPete -
      An Atlas with jump jets? Thats just wrong!