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  • Lead Adventure Preview Green of Dr. Arcadius “Drill” Kometenstein

    Lead Adventure Preview Green of Dr. Arcadius “Drill” Kometenstein

    From their announcement:
    This is an announcement of our coming small adventuring range, Heroes and Villains (still working title). At the beginning it was actually kind of spin-off of the Post-Apoc range. The original idea was for some post-apoc scientists but we had so much fun creating all the mad doctors and their assistant characters.. The idea was definitely becoming too pulp-ish and we said, fine, let’s make some nice figures for pure adventure games. Just for fun. So we will have some slightly bizarre mad scientists soon. Due to some weapons, details or clothes not all of the figures will be suitable for the 1920-30s. Btw, it was not our intention to place them back in the 1930s or something like that but more through the entire 20th century. We have no plans to make it to an extensive range, there are just some things we wanted to have. Perhaps some of you will like them too. The figures are going to the moulding/casting now and will be available coming autumn as single models or in two-figure-packs. The figures are made by Igor Karpov, but I guess in the meantime I don’t need to mention this as Igor’s style is just unmistakable. Also here he did a fab sculpting job putting lots of character into the figures. The first preview is the Dr. Arcadius “Drill” Kometenstein:

    Dr. Arcadius “Drill” Kometenstein.jpg
    Dr. Arcadius “Drill” Kometenstein1.jpg
    Dr. Arcadius “Drill” Kometenstein
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    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      I like that quite a bit.
    1. Demonn's Avatar
      Demonn -
      looks promising