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  • Model MAQ Workshop Briefcases

    Model MAQ Workshop Briefcases
    These are the hype on FB right now!
    Interesting concepts take a look at the pics and more configurations on their site.

    From their announcement:
    Soon we will open the online store offering products. We are looking for distributors for our products in Europe.
    318825_361912217210959_2103510041_n (1).jpg
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Model MAQ Workshop Briefcases started by LOBO View original post
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    1. Blighted Panda's Avatar
      Blighted Panda -
      These briefcases seems meant to allow one to set up a temporary remote painting area away from the man cave. These are gonna need a compartment to store/transport the miniature you're working on away fromhome.
    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      I seem to remember seeing this a while back.

      I wonder how much!
    1. Dunnie's Avatar
      Dunnie -
      I want one so much! I have no need for one at all.... but that does not stop me wanting one!
    1. Darklord's Avatar
      Darklord -
      yeah these have been around for a while now I think, seem to think they were about 200 or something?
    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      This is the sort of thing James Bond uses when he paints.
    1. Lyn's Avatar
      Lyn -
      I must have one! I travel all the time, especially when working/ teaching at conventions! I am SO saving up for one of those! =) That is perfect!
    1. Lyn's Avatar
      Lyn -
      Hey Darklord- They want distributors in Europe! Are you planning on selling these at the Wampstore?