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  • Wyrd Malifaux plastics and future releases

    Wyrd Malifaux plastics and future releases

    From their announcement LINK:
    You've been wondering, pondering, even hollering about what we've got coming up and it's about time to let folks know what we've got going on.

    Wyrd has traditionally done all of our models the old fashion way, sculpt, mold, metal .. good to go! And it hasn't been bad for us at all. Unfortunately these last few years we've had to deal with rising metal costs as well as a horde of other issues that have for one reason or another caused us a bit of trouble that necessitated our move to plastic.

    We found a fix to that and in doing so, we feel that we have seriously upped our game when it comes to quality, product and model options.

    If you like our artwork, then odds are you're going to love the miniatures, as we've moved from traditional sculpting to digital sculpting and from metal to high detail hard plastic (this isn't your bendy stuff!). Below we've got a couple of shots to show you the progress from art to finished plastic product.

    Oh, and the best part ... we're not raising our prices to do so. Better quality, more model options (heads, arms, weapons) at a better price.

    Just a few of the things that'll be making their way to Gencon with us next month. More to show off next week!

    WYR5072 - Lazarus - .00.jpg
    WYR5072 - Lazarus - $18.00 USD

    WYR4057 - Mr. Graves - .00.jpg
    WYR4057 - Mr. Graves - $11.00 USD
    Mr. Graves from Concept to Model.jpg
    Mr. Graves from Concept to Model

    WYR4060 - Beckoners (2 pack) - .00.jpg
    WYR4060 - Beckoners (2 pack) - $16.00 USD
    Beckoners from Concept to Model.jpg
    Beckoners from Concept to Model

    WYR4059 - The Depleted (3 pack) - .00.jpg
    WYR4059 - The Depleted (3 pack) - $21.00 USD

    WYR4058 - Mr. Tannen - .00.jpg
    WYR4058 - Mr. Tannen - $11.00 USD

    WYR4056 - Dark Debts Box Set - .00.jpg
    WYR4056 - Dark Debts Box Set - $40.00 USD
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Wyrd Malifaux Plastic and the Neverborn releases started by LOBO View original post
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    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      They look pretty good.

      But, isn't the idea of plastic to become cheaper?
    1. Demonn's Avatar
      Demonn -
      evidently, their choice to go plastic was due to the constant increase in the price of metal as a raw material.
      I don't know, though...
    1. HaWior's Avatar
      HaWior -
      Will this be a new fraction?
      Hope for good plastic models.
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      Quote Originally Posted by HaWior View Post
      Will this be a new fraction?
      Hope for good plastic models.
      It has been speculated that the boarder colour on the boxes represents their faction.
      What are the factions colour?
    1. Demonn's Avatar
      Demonn -
      red - guild
      blue - arcanist
      green - ressers
      purple - neverborn (so these guys are Neverborn)
      gold - outcasts
      ??orange - ??new faction??

      Lazarus is evidently Outcast
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      Another update

      From their announcement:
      Arcanists are the subject this time around, all of which will also be at Gencon.

      Oh and for you folks asking about the plastic, look for a post from Eric a bit later on it, but just to confirm, yes, these are plastic injection molded miniatures, not 'bendy' plastic or finecast.

      Attachment 29526
      WYR3053 - $35 - Rail Golem (this fella stands 78mm tall!)

      Attachment 29527
      WYR3058 - $21 - Metal Gamin (3 pack)

      Attachment 29525
      WYR3052 - $35 - Rail Crew Box Set

      Attachment 29528
      WYR3059 - $16 - Willie the Demolitionist
    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      Loving that Rail Golem.
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      From the Blog of Eric J. posted on Wyrd's FB page LINK:

      Going Plastic

      So, if you ever are in a place where you are making metal miniatures as a business, and you have the say those words "we should switch over to plastics" know that you have made a life changing decision. No, not like getting married or having children or even getting accepted to college or that dream job, but it will change things.

      So lets go back about a month before those famous words. Here at wyrd central we were sitting and looking at the costs of our minis, the costs of metal, and getting more than a little upset about how the future looked. Straight to the point, the cost of metal has gone up nearly 80% in just the last 2 years, while the cost of our minis had gone up more like 20%, and with metal not slowing down any time soon, we were going to have to push through a rather significant price increase if we were to continue on like we were. Added to that was the fact that we just started producing Avatars which were bigger, heavier, and in all ways more metal than our standard minis. Something had to change!

      So we start researching our options. Plastics, Resin, other metals, etc... Luckily we were in a position where we could see what a couple other larger companies had done before us, and largely we wanted to build and improve on the decisions we had seen them make. We knew why they made them, but we hoped we could do better.

      So lets look at the options:

      Alternate Metals - While we could maintain all our same processes (sculpting, molding, etc...), the price of alternates were going up just as fast, and in general, cheaper metal meant cheaper looking minis...VETO

      Resin - Again, resin can be use with all our same processes. We have of course toyed around with Resin in some of our Avatars to keep their costs down, and with fairly satisfactory results, however we avoided any small pieces or complex molds, because of a number of issues that we found cropped up. Many of these issues have been widely publicized in the troubles certain other companies have had with resin minis. Combined with how toxic resin is, how easily it breaks, the fact that the price difference was strangely not that much different from metal... so veto.

      PVC based plastic - VERY alluring because in a lot of ways we could still keep a lot of our same process, and while the up front costs are higher than metal we DO get out from under the weight (literally) of metal and those costs... The sticking point is quality here...sadly. Bendy, squishy, doesn't hold the detail well enough. Sadly - Veto

      Polystyrene - We have now switched over to all new processes, digital sculpting, plastic injection moulding, etc... SCAREY! It's a big leap of faith to go ALL new when you actually have the old processes figured out. Unfortunately with the previous 3 options veto'd we knew this was our future. On the bright side, we get away from metal! So now comes the challenges:
      How do we get these things digitally sculpted when all we've dealt with in the past are physical sculptors... Long story short - we do everything we can to find the best talent (notice I'm not giving away all the details here ;) )

      Next: WHAT TYPE of plastic, because it turns out there are a lot of options.

      1) A basic standard level poly. This does the trick, holds detail rather well, is cheap. The downside is that it can melt in really hot cars, can bend and break rather easily

      2) High Impact Poly. This is a step up from the basic. The plastic is denser, the molecules somewhat woven together to resist breaking, slightly higher melting point. All good things, but slightly more expensive

      3) ABS. Now this stuff is even denser, with tightly woven molecules, extra sharp detail, significantly higher melting point, will be VERY hard to break and even when bent, remembers it's original shape. In a lot of ways it has a lot of the strengths of metal, combined with a lot of the advantages of plastic. Drawback - about twice the cost of standard poly

      SO? What did we do? We picked ABS, and figured out a way to do it so that we wouldn't have to increase the price to you at all. In fact, not only do we not have to increase the prices now or in the near future, we can now create bigger, more intricate, more impressive pieces without the exponentially increases in cost due to the bulk of metal involved. Additionally it lets us give you a ton of options, alternate heads/arms/weapons without any increase in cost. Win!

      If you are thinking (as I did), isn't ABS that stuff my drain pipe is made out of? The answer is yes. It's also the stuff Lego's are made out of, and if you've ever gotten the corner of a lego block in your heal, you KNOW if can hold sharp detail. And just look at that lego logo on the top of each little peg...detail! Of course with a slightly etched surface it's not the perfect reflective feel of lego, so it will hold paint just fine, don't you worry

      Anyways, that's a bit about the process of the switch to plastics, and how we ended up at this place and the decisions involved. We knew when we switched, we had to give you all the best we could, in terms of sculpting and materials, as well as price. We're pretty proud of what we've accomplished, and I really hope you all really enjoy the results of our work. I have a desk full of these new models and I seriously can not wait to share them with you all!!

      Enjoy! And I look forward to hearing more from all of you what you think.

    1. waghorn41's Avatar
      waghorn41 -
      Got to get those Beckoners, I don't play Malifaux but those minis look gorgeous
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      Lets get to this years special edition miniatures - one of which features Eric and Nathan after a long day at work.

      Attachment 29677
      WYR2059 - Hanging Tree - $80
      First up we have the Hanging Tree, all plastic, which features the Hanging Tree itself which is a little over five inches tall altogether with both Eric and myself hanging around after a hard day. There are also two smaller tree's, along with bodies, which can be used as alternative Hanged.

      Attachment 29678
      Next up we have Miss Terious, a female Death Marshal (obviously not long on the job!) our special edition miniature of the year. For all orders of a $100 or more placed at Gencon either at the booth or online, this miniature will be included in your order for FREE.

      Attachment 29679
      Last up, we have a perk miniature for our Henchmen, Santana Ortega. This miniature will be made available initially only to our hard working Henchmen, and after a bit of time, perhaps to the public by way of tournaments, prize support, etc.
    1. DrEvilmonki's Avatar
      DrEvilmonki -
      Quote Originally Posted by supervike View Post
      They look pretty good.

      But, isn't the idea of plastic to become cheaper?
      I think Jim that they are going to plastics so they can maintain an actual profit.
    1. Dr. Willett's Workshop's Avatar
      Dr. Willett's Workshop -
      Love the trees, was thinking about a cemetary scenery straight away, but the price, is that a mistake?
    1. Demonn's Avatar
      Demonn -
      unfortunately no! it's a limited edition model - hence the price. I guess it's just for serious(ly derranged) collectors
    1. Sn0Mag5's Avatar
      Sn0Mag5 -
      Wow I'm loving these
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      Next up, the Ten Thunders.

      Note: The Misaki box set may not be available at Gencon, but will be available online during Gencon. This is due to a tight deadline and shipping time, and while we're doing everything we can to get it there in time it is possible it won't arrive until we're already at Gencon and away from the warehouse.

      Attachment 29853
      WYR5078 - $21 - Oiran (3 pack)

      Attachment 29854
      WYR8003 - $11 Yamaziko

      Attachment 29855
      WYR8002 - $21 - Ten Thunders Archers (3 pack)

      Attachment 29856
      WYR8001 - $35 - The Thunder Box Set
    1. MaGie's Avatar
      MaGie -
      Nice! I think the sculpts look much better than their older pieces, I guess the digital sculpting really helps with this. I'm really impressed by the motion in some of the figures. The idea of the plastic scares me a little bit, but for sure I will give the Misaki box a try :)
    1. Demonn's Avatar
      Demonn -
      they look like an awesome crew! finally one faction that is whole in uniform...