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  • Antimatter Games Crowdfunding DeepWars

    Antimatter Games Crowdfunding DeepWars


    The DeepWars page has been updated with pre-orders options for DeepWars starter sets, akin to the original Kickstarter rewards, that come out to about 30% off retail. It is not as sweet as the deal for the original supporters but it is a nice discount. The complete starter sets with packaging, quickstart rules and cards are still in progress and are on schedule for October/November. Individual figures will be available soon also, with a pre-order discount of 15-20% off retail.

    The page has the rundown on the figures that will be in the starter sets and has some background story for each force.

    DeepWars miniature preview thread can be found HERE:
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    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      These are some group photos of the starter forces. These are going to be made into prints for the Kickstarter supporters, and also sold separately.

      Attachment 28881
      Attachment 28878
      Attachment 28879
      Attachment 28880
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      An update on the pledge drive

      From their announcement:
      Almost all of the miniatures are done for the starter sets, including the two additional miniatures per force and the commanders for the forces, but we need to keep things moving for the sculptors and take advantage of the time left before DeepWars launches. We spent the early part of the year on concept art for the rulebook, and as such, there are many more finished concepts for miniatures that are already done. We are running a pledge drive to get these new miniatures made in the next three months so they can be ready to ship when DeepWars launches.

      The goal will be to hit a target number of $1500 to produce one new medium-sized miniature (30mm base), and an additional miniature for every $1500 afterwards. If things go well we will add in other minis, including some of the larger pieces. This pledge drive includes any of the regular pledges to the right, special deals of 30% off on final boxed sets and rulebooks. These package deals ship when the starter sets and the rulebooks are done in November.

      Once a reinforcement miniature is unlocked, supporters may add the figure to their existing pledges by sending in an additional $6.

      To see the proposed miniatures and join in on DeepWars, visit the order page here.
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      Update LINK:
      From their announcement:
      Progress on drive for minis + new greens
      We are making good progress so far on the pledge drive and have now unlocked the first mini, the Conjuror of the Ethers for the Ancients of Atalán. The drive is lasting until September 15, so there is still time to get the special launch deals and get this mini added to any pre-order package for $6. The next one in line is the Big Game Hunter for the Fortune Hunters, carrying a harpoon cannon, so we need to reach $3000 to get there.

      Attachment 31293
      Attachment 31292
      Next pledge drive mini - Big Game Hunter

      We also have some new greens, including the Draconid Sea-Demon Shaman and Clal-Chk Scientist, both by Sandra Garrity. These are going to casting now so they can be ready by the end of the month.

      Attachment 31294Attachment 31295
      Clal-Chk Scientist

      Attachment 31296Attachment 31297
      Draconid Sea-Demon Shaman
    1. funnymouth's Avatar
      funnymouth -
      only one day left to get the chip-in deal! $26 until we get this guy:
      Attachment 32193
      get him for $6! awesome deal for such an original design.
      here are some of the other great minis you can pledge for:
      Attachment 32194