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  • Kromlech Release New Weathering Pigments

    Kromlech Release New Weathering Pigments
    Available from their E-Bay Store LINK:

    Kromlech Weathering Powders Set - Series 1
    Price: $35.99 USD
    This Set contains all 10 Kromlech Weathering Powders from series 1

    KRMA001 - Ash Grey Weathering Powder
    KRMA002 - Pale Earth Weathering Powder
    KRMA003 - Dark Sand Weathering Powder
    KRMA004 - Concrete Grey Weathering Powder
    KRMA005 - Dark Dirt Weathering Powder
    KRMA006 - Orange Rust Weathering Powder
    KRMA007 - Red Rust Weathering Powder
    KRMA008 - Brick Dust Weathering Powder
    KRMA009 - Dark Earth Weathering Powder
    KRMA010 - Soot Black Weathering Powder

    Single powders available for $3.99 USD
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    1. dsmiles's Avatar
      dsmiles -
      Not bad, but I think I'll stick with Doc O'Brien's.