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  • Model Display Products New lines added to website

    It has been a busy couple of months for MDP and only now have we had a chance to try and catch up with updating the website with all the product lines we are now stocking as some of you may well have noticed when you have seen us at the shows.

    In the last few days we have added over 60 products, these include the Vallejo Water & Stone Effects range, sanding sticks and sanding sponges, the promodeller range of clay based weathering washes, the excellent Mr Surfacer fillers which to be honest here at MDP we think these are better than a milliput wash and thinner/easier to use than liquid greenstuff and The Mr Hobby metal colours which can be burnished to give a true metal finish appearance.

    We have also added AK Internationalís Pigment Fixer and MIGís Acrylic Resin to complement our range of pigments and at the time of writing this we have just added the 2BG range of 28mm scale diorama accessories. That is over 60 products as it stands at the moment but we canít stop there as there is at least another 50 products to go including some very nice dragons and other busts/figures and then we have our own releases to add to the site as well which will include the four new pieces seen at Figureworld 2012.

    More information can be found on the website but mean while here are a few photos of the 2BG diorama pieces.

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    1. shanerozzell's Avatar
      shanerozzell -
      Like those, then I would wouldn't I
    1. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
      Ulfgrimr -
      Sounds like some great and useful additions to your ranges WG, I'll have to put aside a bit of time to peruse the site to see what useful goodies are there .
    1. Vern's Avatar
      Vern -
      Good stuff