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  • WAMP Review: Studio 38's Drum the Troll Shaman

    DrumTheTroll.jpgAnoe Versus Drum the Troll Shaman
    Manufacturer: Studio 38
    Material: Resin
    Price: 16,00 Ä

    Anoe Versus is a fantasy skirmish game from Studio 38 and Drum the Troll Shaman is one of the miniatures from the game.

    Iím not sure what scale is being used for these figures, but heís a pretty big troll sporting a large, dented mace and some dreadlocks. He has a pauldron strapped over his right shoulder, a necklace with a crystal pendant, and a loincloth decorated with a skull. He comes in 4 pieces: body, head, and both arms. The sculpted base looks like the floor of an old growth forest with a large rock and the remnants of a rotten log. It comes in 2 pieces: the base and an extension for the rotten log. The trollís stance is staggered because one foot is flat on the ground and the other stands on the large rock.

    Everything is cast out of a very hard resin that gives good detail. It is also a little on the brittle side- when I clipped off the large gates on the bottom of the trollís feet they broke off instead of cutting. This was not a problem and it did not harm the miniature at all, you just need to be aware that clipping off any of the large pieces may result in a little bit of resin shrapnel. Standard hobby hazard.

    The mould lines are not excessive and can easily be removed with a sharp hobby knife. The arms just sit in place on the body- thereís no locator plug or anything to work with, and with the size of this miniature I would highly recommend pinning. The head fits into place pretty well, but youíll need to do a little fine work to get a close fit. You will need to a very small amount of gap filling where the arms and head join and possibly a lot more where the log piece joins to the base because itís a difficult fit.

    S38DrumTheTroll_Scores.pngAesthetically, I like the design of the troll. He looks monstrous, brutish, and dangerous. The dreadlocks are an interesting choice that works well- they also have a nice texture to them that make them look realistic. The body has a lot of nice creases and texture that make it look like he has really thick skin which is reminiscent of an elephant in texture, if not in colour. Heís also covered in what are either pimples or some other type of growth that give a nice extra texture to work with. Even his toenails are nicely sculpted with ridges that will really capture whatever you decide to use to weather them and make them look nasty.

    Trolls are a very common genre in miniatures. I can think of 4 companies that produce some form of troll without even trying, so how does this one stack up? The face has a look of character to it that is unique- heís not your standard open-mouthed, snarling beast. Thereís actually a feeling of intelligence coming from him that is a bit unnerving. He looks dangerous and menacing, but his pose is very non-threatening; heís just standing there holding his weapon with a hand outstretched like heís holding or asking for something. Given heís supposed to be a Shaman, I think it would be an excellent idea to sculpt a flame or magic effect in his hand.

    The Breakdown:

    Quality: 9 / 10
    *Highly detailed casting that has an incredible amount of fine texture and detail, especially on the skin
    *Nicely designed figure with great character in the face

    Assembly: 8.5 / 10
    *Easy to assemble and clean, but requires some advanced putty work to smooth everything out

    Value: 8.5 / 10
    *Reasonable price for a large, high quality miniature

    Overall: 8.7 / 10
    The careful work on the facial expression of this troll elevates this from a simple miniature toward the realm of sculpture. A lot of care and detail went into this piece and it shows. While the price is not bad, I feel it may be inflated slightly because it is a figure for a game- I in no way mean this is a bad thing. The game may be great, but even if you have no interest in it and you just need a troll figure for something, then I would highly recommend you consider this big fella.