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  • Golem Painting Masterclass 2012 -Event report

    I was lucky enough to be invited down to Golem Painting Studios 'Masterclass 2012' held at Maelstrom games in Mansfield. Tickets for the event were 80 and for your money you were treated to a full days painting and tuition from Golems very own Tommie Soul and not one but the complete pairing of Mike & Ali Mcvey. The cost also included lunch and a free Broga miniature to be worked on during the day.

    The day started at 9.30am with some brief greetings and a mad dash for Coffee for me after an early start (though not as early as the chap travelling down from Aberdeen!!). Around 24 attendees were split into three groups. Each would tackle a segment with a tutor for a couple of hours before rotating around to the next meaning by the end of the day we had covered three different aspects of miniature painting.

    First up for my group was NMM with Mr Soule. Tommie is a Wamper so I was already familiar with him in a way but in person he was even more friendly and helpful (not at all a nutter like Mr Cardiss insinuated!!). For myself it was the first time I had picked up a brush in months so it was a case of learning and dusting of the cobwebs. Tommie started the session with a brief explanation of his aims and some of the theory of NMM. he then proceeded to paint an example for us. After fielding questions we then proceeded to have a go ourselves. Tommie patrolled the table giving chatting to everyone and giving personal help and critique as we progressed on the piece and helping administer solutions if we went astray (myself included!!) as the session went on we kept been given more theory and practical demonstrations before attempting it further ourselves. the two hours soon flew by and it was time for lunch.

    Lunch provided a welcome opportunity to meet some of the other painters, some I knew already and some were new but as always happens, mini painting soon broke down barriers and we were all nattering relentlessly just as we had been at the work tables. On a side note the food was fantastic!

    After lunch we rotated around and we moved on to Mike McVey, the Godfather of Mini Painting! Mike showed us two-brush blending, a technique that for many is a black art. While the NMM is something I had tackled before I had never even attempted the two brush blending. Mike however made it seem really easy and it felt that way for me. While my attempt wasn't polished it certainly seemed to be basically correct. For me this was the biggest thing I learnt that day. the other subjects I have approached before (though the day undoubtedly pushed my skills in those immeasurably!)

    Our final segment was with Mike's other half and one of the new wave of Uber female painters taking over the world right now, Ali McVey.
    Ali was taking us through painting faces and while its something all us mini painters tackled often, few of us have mastered it. Ali had come prepared with some printouts of faces detailing how she shades and highlights a face, each shown in several easy steps meaning we could take this away and have an invaluable resource for future use. As with the previous two tutors Ali was friendly and a great help providing constant help and encouragement throughout our time.
    Once we had finished with Ali our time was up but we had a mingle with some folks brining in some of their work to show off or get critique on from the teachers. Mike had with him some of the most iconic paintjobs in miniaturedom including the classic Green Knight. Seeing these pieces in person was just as insightful as the lessons themselves. in fact I gained so much more knowledge just from watching Tommie, Mike and Ali paint. How the used their palettes, paint dilution and how they generally approach miniature painting. Just seeing others work can be more helpful than a brilliant tutorial online.

    I think this is partly what made the day so great, in fact I would go so far as to say fantastic. There were painters of varying abilities but I am sure everyone took away a lot from the day. The tutors and the Golem staff were all friendly and helpful and the day was very well organised. The subjects were covered efficiently and the one on one critique and tuition was fantastic. The whole day had a relaxed atmosphere to it and I took away so much more than that offered on the itinerary. I would really recommend attending one of their events if you can. they are brilliantly put together and you can't fail to improve your painting regardless of your level. You gain more than just a little extra knowledge, the day gives you inspiration and hunger to paint and that's always so valuable. I know people have travelled from all all over the country and even abroad to get to these and they agree its worth the trip, in my mind it certainly offers value for money.

    Golem have just announced their next event - Daemon Day, you can find the details here:

    Daemon Day

    If your thinking about going do it!!

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    1. Sparks's Avatar
      Sparks -
      Looks like the biker dude I met last year was there again! Glad it was a productive day, I certainly learnt a lot from mine and hopefully we'll see a few new Wampers :D
    1. phatkid1966's Avatar
      phatkid1966 -
      Lol just noticed, I'm the guy to the right, I didn't get any shut eye the night before through excitement so although I look like I'm being really attentive I may have been power sleeping!!!