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  • Tutorial: GW Imp Guard Squad using Army Painter

    Ok guys/girls,
    I am sure this would work for many other units, feel free to adapt to fit your needs. I am sorry the picture are not very good but it was a speed paint job after all.

    1. Undercaot with a brown spray I used Humbrol Dark Brown 29.

    2. Paint the flesh areas with GW Dwarf flesh.

    3. Paint the armour with CW Catachan green.

    4. This is the point you use the Army Painter, I have the darkest you can buy and I do not dip (you can but it wastes loads). I hold the figure above the pot upsidedown, and then brush thickly all over (make sure you get everything covered). When done you have to leave them to dry a good 12 hours should do.

    5. DO NOT PANIC your figure will now look very very shiny. I highlighted the flesh with GW Elf flesh and then a good think wash of orgran flesh (this puts some warmth back in the flesh)

    6. I dry brushed GW Camo Green over all the armour part (I have done the gun the same colour).

    7. Details, I painted the Imp eagles(white) and water bottle(bestial brown). I then washed over them with devlin Mud.

    8. A whole figure dry brush of white (very dry brush) make all the details pop. It is then time to hit the figure with a matt varnish (or dullcote if you have that)

    And this is the finished Squad:

    hope this makes sence if you have any questions PM me i will try to answer.

    Peace James