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  • Masq-Mini release the new transparent tubetool

    I never had thought that the tubetool will be such an succsess. It was a financial risk to produce it in jnjection plastic. But always think positiv. We have sold out the first batch and we have an new batch ready. What can you make better if you have a good working tool ? Change the color :-) .. With the transparent tool it is now easier to controle the tool. And with the included acrylic plate it is easier to roll better sausages. Hope you will also enjoy the tools that will be find a way out of my mechanical mind into your toolboxes, in the future...

    Watch it in action

    This article was originally published in forum thread: the new transparent tubetool started by Crownbear View original post
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    1. vegascat's Avatar
      vegascat -
      Want one now!
    1. NeatPete's Avatar
      NeatPete -
      My neighbors supply of buster guitar strings serve all my needs, but thanks for sharing with us.
    1. Undave's Avatar
      Undave -
      There are quite a few things on the Masquerade site that I'd buy if the shipping wasn't quite so expensive. I got DL to get me a set of the green ones into the Wampstore but I haven't had chance to use them yet... in fact I shall have a play with them right now.
    1. Undave's Avatar
      Undave -
      OK, I'd just like to add that these things are absolutely marvellous. You can keep your stiff guitar wire, being able to make tubes from more flexible GS is far more convenient. I can see myself using them mainly for making ropes at the moment although I need to find something I can use the cross pattern tubing on as it looks really cool.