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  • Review: Portable Warfare APC

    There is a whole host of options for transporting those precious minis around but the APC from portable Warfare aims to provide something different.

    The APC is designed to cater for two types of buyers, those that want a cheaper alternative to the standard army bags that are often expensive not to mention big and bulky if your only looking to transport a few pieces.
    It is also geared towards those who wish to ship miniatures safely, mainly commission painters.

    The APC is essentially a foam filled cardboard box but its built solidly. The box itself is constructed from double walled cardboard and is a pizza type design creating an effective opening and closing system that stays shut securely enough.
    APC Review.pngThe interior is made up of two pieces of foam. The first is a block of pick'n'pluck foam with 1/2" squares that are simple to remove and allow you to create any variation of openings for your miniatures. The foam tray is 1.75" deep so will house most standard 28mm type figures. At 19" x 9" in size it offers plenty of space for several miniatures, probably around 30 - 40 could be fitted depending on mini size and shape. Also supplied is a thin sheet of foam for the top of the foam tray so all parts of the minis are covered.

    Priced at $14.95 (9.45) the APC is cheap enough to be considered as a shipping container that offers a nof fuss, extra secure option for mailing miniatures. This would be ideal for commission painters wishing to send high value painted work around the world. The pricing comes into its own for those wishing to find an alternative to large bulky and expenisve carry cases. The APC is secure enough to use by those heading down the local game store or too shows or painting contest. I for one don't have enough mini's nor transport them often enough to justify spending a lot more on an army case. With the APC I can pop in a few minis and easily carry it around all day without getting sore arms.

    There are limitations to the APC. I would for one prefer a deeper box that would give more room to house larger pieces, especially for painters who often utilise larger display bases that would struggle to fit in this, however I am sure different sized boxes is something Portable Warfare could easily offer. That aside the APC does its job well and offers a great alternative to the more expensive options on the market.
    If you looking for a low cost smaller scale transport solution for painting events or to ship those high value commissions the APC is well worth a look.

    Quality 9/10 Solid double walled construction, good for the price

    Use 9/10
    Does its job well

    Value 8/10 decent value as a low cost alternative to an Army Case

    Overall 8.75 A very competent product that offers something different for the market. Worth a look if it suits your needs.