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  • Tool for all your weathering needs

    Most of you guys will have somthing like this but for the new chaps here is an easy way to make a weathering tool.
    1. get an old pen or brush anything with a flatish end will do. A bit of foam from a blister pack and some form of tape.

    2. Rip a corner of the foam off and put against the end of the handle.

    3. fold the foam around the handle and tape it on.

    4. you have your tool and you use it to dab onto any figure you want to weather shown is a 15mm Panzer tank.

    Sorry some of the picture are not in focus but you can get the idea.

    Cheers James
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. RogerB's Avatar
      RogerB -
      Simple, but effective, and clear visual guide. Nice one.
    1. parvusmachina's Avatar
      parvusmachina -
      Great idea! So simple yet brilliant!
    1. Spectral Dragon's Avatar
      Spectral Dragon -
      Never thought of using blister foam, will give this a try! Thanks for the tutorial James.