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  • Antimatter Games ShadowSea gets some DeepWars previews!

    Antimatter Games ShadowSea gets some DeepWars previews!

    From their site:
    DeepWars - underwater combat adventure for ShadowSea coming soon
    AntiMatter is starting work on the DeepWars expansion for ShadowSea, which takes the battle to the bottom of the sunless sea, where crumbling wrecks hold powerful artifacts and golden treasure.

    We will be starting a Kickstarter project in the next couple of weeks to help fund DeepWars and bring out new starter sets of miniatures for the first three forces, as well as make the full color rulebook. The main ShadowSea game will also be getting its own Kickstarter project to help complete the starter sets of miniatures for all six main forces. That project will begin sometime next month.

    Here are some colored concepts and WIP sculpts for DeepWars.

    Bioshock anyone!
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    1. kdlynch's Avatar
      kdlynch -
      don't they still need to do minis for shadowsea proper? or did i miss something?
    1. grefven's Avatar
      grefven -
      Looks quite steampunk to me. Will definately be getting the one to the left.
    1. Vern's Avatar
      Vern -
      Like the diver, but not sure about the other one
    1. NeatPete's Avatar
      NeatPete -
      sounds like the worst game ever.

      My turn? -let me move all my units one inch.
    1. kdlynch's Avatar
      kdlynch -
      i do have the shadowsea rules, but i only skimmed them. they're based on Songs of Blades & Heroes (and both have Andrea Sfiligoi as the writer/co-writer). I've heard relatively good things about SB&H, but again, I've just skimmed. (I bought it because I like the minis that have been released so far, especially the 'underwater'ish faction)
    1. NeatPete's Avatar
      NeatPete -
      Reminds me of RIFTS underseas.
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      some more concept pics

      Attachment 11887
      Attachment 11888
      Attachment 11889
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      New piece of artwork for Deep Wars!

      Attachment 13962
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      More previews!

      Abyssal Gark
      Attachment 17359
      Attachment 17360
      Attachment 17361

      Concept Art for Scaly Horde Commander
      Attachment 17362
    1. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
      Ulfgrimr -
      Like the model and the concept art. Particularly like the way the pinkish flush is carried through the skin and armour of the Abyssal Gark to tie it all in. Thanks for posting Lobo.
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      More DeepWars concepts

      Attachment 18368
      Ancients of Atalan Commander

      Attachment 18369
      Clal-chk scientist

      Attachment 18370
      Dagathonan Brute

      Attachment 18371
      Eurypterid Razor Claw

      Attachment 18372
    1. supervike's Avatar
      supervike -
      This stuff is getting my attention!
    1. Spectral Dragon's Avatar
      Spectral Dragon -
      Some of this reminds me of bioshock :)
    1. leonmallett's Avatar
      leonmallett -
      Is there a UK or European stockist for Antimatter Games yet?
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      Another DeepWars concept

      The Dark Mariner commander, a pureblood ethermancer on mutated biomech.

      Attachment 20896
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      wip green of Dark Mariner Vanguard Marine

      Attachment 21298
    1. breadhead.'s Avatar
      breadhead. -
      This all looks great. I'm curious as to how a game set underwater would play though, how do you cope with miniatures being at different depths from one another.
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      scientist for the Fortune Hunter force, going into the starter set

      Attachment 21807
    1. LOBO's Avatar
      LOBO -
      WIP sculpt of the Annihilator Heavy Assault Unit by Sergio Leon

      Attachment 22792