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Wamp - Wamp Review: Morland Studios Ruined Wall Set
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  • Wamp Review: Morland Studios Ruined Wall Set

    Morland Studios are best know for their classical figures so the Ruined Wall Set heralds a new avenue for them. Can it stand up to the high quality of their miniatures?

    Castle Set Resized.jpg
    Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi the set comprises of 6 pieces of various sizes that together recreate a ruined cathedral type wall featuring windows and arches. It allows you to make 3 seperate pieces of walls which could be used independently or as a group.

    The sculpting is simple but decent enough with the features been sharp. Cast in resin the pieces are sturdy and would stand up to the rigors of the war-gaming table easily enough allowing greater scope beyond simple diorama pieces. The casting is clean, with mold lines present but these are about average and simple to tidy up. There is no warping or twisting of the pieces so you get nice straight walls!!

    The set would suit scales within the 25-35mm range

    Priced at $17.95 (around 11.35) the set probably isn't the cheapest option out there and indeed more proficient modellers may feel they would prefer to scratch build something equivalent. However for the less skilled (or indeed those without the time or inclination!) the set represents a decent return on your money for the ease of assembly and a good finish. Indeed the window element itself would be difficult to replicate so if you looking for something beyond a simple wall it well worth a look.

    The dual purpose of the set adds another strong to its bow. Created as one group it would make a great war-gaming piece but its usefulness as diorama pieces is where it shines. The set would easily allow at least 3-4 sections to be created which when split over four bases or dioramas equates to just $4.50 (2.84) per base which is a decent price for adding that extra wow to your piece.
    There are plenty of alternatives available and for some other options may represent a better purchase but this set is a good choice. The sculpting and casting are good and the pieces are sturdy. While value may not be the best it isn't bad either.

    • Quality 8/10 Decent sculpting and casting and the pieces are solidly constructed.
    • Assembly 8/10 Pieces fit well.
    • Value 7/10 Value is about average.
    • Overall 7.5/10 Worth a look at if you wish to quickly and easily add an extra element to your dioramas or gaming scenery
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    1. Vern's Avatar
      Vern -
      Nice, look useful
    1. Lyn's Avatar
      Lyn -
      OOOh might have to order that!