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  1. 6MMRPC update - September 21

    After gumming up and cleaning my new airbrush several times over the last couple of weeks, plus nearly a week away from actual painting for travel, I think I finally figured it out and have progress to report.

    Last week - avoiding the airbrush, I rattle-can black-primed some Malifaux and Sedition Wars (Strain) models.

    Last night - thinned Minitaire white 'airbrush ready' paint way down with distilled water, slow-dri and flow improver. Cranked up the air pressure and set ...
  2. WIP - Dark Sword female warrior

  3. First Post

    Okay, so here is my first actual post. Are you impressed?

    I do not guarantee there will be a lot of posting, here, but I may roll out random thoughts now and then. Some WIPs, some techniques, some philosphical ramblings. See ya' soon!

    Updated 02-10-2011 at 04:28 PM by GreyHorde

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