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  1. Shifting the Blog

    As much as I like blogging here on WAMP, it reaches a small audience. Joining the 6MMRPC made me realize that I need group support (therapy?), and site membership requirements prevent that support from shared links and casual readers. So, 6MMRPC posts and other content will go on a rebuilt Blogger page - . Don't worry, you can't get rid of me that easily. I will still be here, just doing a little less blogging.

  2. 6MMRPC update - September 28

    While I lost some time this week to illness and several family events, I still made some progress here and there. Currently, these are all the minis seeing activity and their status:

    Sedition Wars: 28 Vanguard troopers, 6 small A.I. Drone Tanks, 2 large A.I. Drone Tanks and 1 Kara in Gnosis Armor - roughly 40% done, up through grey basecoat on armor. Separate bases are about 70% done.

    Sedition Wars: 22 various Strain Revenants - about 30% done, up through greyish green ...

    Updated 29-09-2014 at 02:45 AM by GreyHorde (add snapshots)

  3. 6MMRPC update - September 21

    After gumming up and cleaning my new airbrush several times over the last couple of weeks, plus nearly a week away from actual painting for travel, I think I finally figured it out and have progress to report.

    Last week - avoiding the airbrush, I rattle-can black-primed some Malifaux and Sedition Wars (Strain) models.

    Last night - thinned Minitaire white 'airbrush ready' paint way down with distilled water, slow-dri and flow improver. Cranked up the air pressure and set ...
  4. 6MMRPC - background check

    Slightly before joining the 6-Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge – and deciding that from now on the 6MMRPC acronym will suffice – I took a good look at my Good Intentions Queue and determined to knock out a big chunk of it by 12/31/2014. How big a chunk? 221 pieces, projects or minis. What, what?!? 221 items by 12/31…sorry, that's 31/12/14 for those who drive on the 'wrong' side of the road … may not be a truly huge number or a short time span for the heavy-hitter army ...

    Updated 08-09-2014 at 06:10 AM by GreyHorde

  5. 6-Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge - 6MMRPC

    I have been almost obsessively prepping minis for the past couple of weeks, mainly Sedition Wars and some Malifaux. Maybe learning to airbrush primer and main basecoat, and being given a new airbrush, changed my approach. By September 1, I felt it was time to challenge myself, really push to paint as many models as possible by the end of 2014.

    I mentioned it to Bloodthorn and he suggested I look into the 6-Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge, as Chris' Miniature Woes ...
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