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  1. shanerozzell's Avatar
    You've painted a nice mini there Waggers and you can tell that you put the extra effort into her.
  2. shanerozzell's Avatar
    I always try and vote on the mini not the painter. If it was based on the painter Waggers would win everything cos his commitment to the hobby is IMHO outstanding. Even contest he didn't enter!
  3. vegascat's Avatar
    Eek~! I'm done for~! The Wag is going to bury me in lead and paint! :) Really though, after reading this *I'm* looking forward to seeing what you pull out and post. Like you (and a lot of us I think) I paint for the sheer joy/fun of it and hope that my painting improves in the process. And if I get buried in paint and miniatures, then so be it - as long as I have fun along the way!

    @Piratemama - I stopped posting at CMON for the same reasons as I never felt that the miniatures I posted got a fair shake. Of course, my photography was total crap and my painting was only slightly worse than now IMO, but the votes always seemed overly harsh, with almost no feedback. If you want to see the horror, I think I'm "Blackstar" over at CMON if they haven't lost/deleted/purged all my pictures by now.
    Updated 08-12-2011 at 05:07 PM by vegascat (Noodle snorting)
  4. kdlynch's Avatar
    No offence taken at all PirateMama.... I do agree to with you, and it's quite ... apparent ... on some forums, but here on WaMP it's not nearly as blatant, if anyone does it. :D
  5. piratemama's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by kdlynch
    That said, I'm looking forward to seeing your next entry. Best of luck! (and yes, I do vote honestly, whether I'm a or a, as I believe most of the wamp forumers attempt to do)
    Ack! I hope I didn't offend you, KD, I was just saying in general that that type of voting happens when you're pals with someone. I think it's human nature I do my best to vote as honestly as possible, too
  6. kdlynch's Avatar
    Don't be blamin' us W.A.S.ers on your win, wag.... your painting ability is improving, whether you see it or not. And that, sir, is where the blame must lie. We're just around to root you on. And annoy you. :P Now, to be honest, I was away on vacation, so didn't vote (and thus you both got the same non-vote from me). Also keep in mind, things like colour choice, basing, photography, and other things can also influence voting, not just purely paint skill.

    That said, I'm looking forward to seeing your next entry. Best of luck! (and yes, I do vote honestly, whether I'm a or a, as I believe most of the wamp forumers attempt to do)
  7. piratemama's Avatar
    That's the problem I have with peer voting.... it always seems like those who are more biased in being friends with said competitors, etc., tend to lean more toward them no matter if it's a Golden Demon paint job or a piece of poo covered in glitter or paint. It doesn't matter... it always seems like the more pallies you have, the better your score. That's why I don't post on CMON anymore because the complete opposite works too. If you have pals that are angry with you, heck yeah they're going to destroy your score... so I guess that's just the problem with contests as a whole and I'm not sure anything can be fixed in regards to how the Wamp Ladder is voted for :( sans maybe anonymity and the whole challenging thing being done strictly in closed threads, etc., where public can't see.

    Personally, I think both paint jobs were pretty nice and in my opinion, I gave you both the same score. You both show different strengths :)

    Can't wait to see your animal(s) for the next contest. Hope things work out, either way.
  8. waghorn41's Avatar
    would you believe waghorn41 ?
  9. vegascat's Avatar
    Which name are you selling under?
  10. piratemama's Avatar
    Can't wait to see how everything looks, Wag! :D I know all about the slow thing... I've been somewhat "burned out" I guess from painting, however, I'm forcing myself to paint. Not too bad, really, I'm experimenting with inks and glazes :D I just finished up a gnome tonight I hope to post tomorrow! Good luck with the contests, too!!! :D
  11. shanerozzell's Avatar
    crazy like a fox!
  12. waghorn41's Avatar
    Guess what - I've run out of Bloodbowl orcs! I'll have to strip them for repainting.
  13. Darklord's Avatar
    Your enthusiasm is brilliant mate - a true Wamper and I love your theme twists and humour and seemingly endless supply of Bloodbowl Orks
  14. waghorn41's Avatar
    @Orki - tlp is NOT a plonker, clearly he appreciates the intensive creativeness in life that us genius types have. Twisted, lateral, as long as genius is tagged on that's me! Certainly it was a bad pun but remember this is an entry from the wag. I don't do good.
  15. three little pigs's Avatar
    I'm not a plonker, and it is a bad pun .......................but also lateral genius!

  16. Orki's Avatar
    Yeah, what a plonker!

    So it was definitely a bad pun then, as opposed to lateral genius? :D
  17. waghorn41's Avatar
    @ tlp - oh come on, don't tell me it was you, you're far to sensible...

    @ white tiger - I'm a supporter so I get until the 28th
  18. White tiger's Avatar
    Isn't the army challenge due on Monday?
  19. three little pigs's Avatar
    keep on wondering


    ps am not a plonker
  20. RogerB's Avatar
    Well, hope it sells well, even if you have to buy it back.
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