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Blog Comments

  1. vegascat's Avatar
    I always enjoy your posts and its been fun reading your articles as well.
  2. Darklord's Avatar
    Glad to have you here mate and that your'e still enjoying it. Your blogs are always inciteful. Heres to the next 12 motnhs
  3. vegascat's Avatar
    Nice article. It should be mandatory reading for those considering crowdfunding.
  4. Undave's Avatar
    The model renders over on the Warlord page are looking pretty sweet. So far there are Boromites, Algoryn (they invented the internet ), Concord and the Ghar (formerly the Gwar until we reminded Rick about the atrocious rock band). All we're waiting on are the Isorian Shard who are kind of biomechanical if their concept art is anything to go by. I like the Algoryn best so far, he's the one on the left.
  5. Brambleten's Avatar
    Cheers DL.

    Undave - I also backed Gates (and wrote a large chunk of my dissertation about it) but since it finished and I bought Hansa I haven't given it a thought thanks to too many other projects firing around. I probably should investigate a little more, but the same could be said of half a dozen other things...
  6. Undave's Avatar
    I backed the Gates Kickstarter and got the draft of the original rules. Comparing them to the version we are now play-testing for Rick I can say without a doubt that having the KS fail and throwing in with Warlord was a good thing for the game.
  7. Darklord's Avatar
    another excellent installment. Thanks mate.
  8. Brambleten's Avatar
    That is a very good question. And one I will look at in an article in the near future once I've gathered my thoughts and run out of painting mojo
  9. Spectral Dragon's Avatar
    A very good series of articles, but one question remains: what happens when a project fails it's goal?
  10. Darklord's Avatar
    excellent info. keep em coming
  11. Darklord's Avatar
    good start mate. Its all a dark art to me but I will be utilising crowd funding in the future so its a timely read
  12. S_Dalsgaard's Avatar
    This is great. I'm looking forward to follow your posts and get some more knowledge on crowdfunding. Who knows, you might convince me to jump on a kickstarter campaign in the near future (not that I need much convincing).