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Taking the Pith

A sordid catalogue of my latest mini-related fads. See if you can keep up.

  1. The search continues... or maybe I've found it

    So, after all the problems with various online mini traders being utter pants I may have found my new go to site.

    I actually found them through a banner ad on Wamp so GoogleAds is occasionally good for something. They do a fairly good discount on most things, better than similar sites in many cases and carry a decent range of stuff. More importantly they do what they say they'll do and keep you informed of when it's likely ...
  2. Dirty boy!

    I've decided to paint my Nurgliespeshmureenz again to try and get them to follow some kind of coherent colour scheme. Before they were all kinds of browns, greens and black with hazard markings featuring quite a bit. They looked OK but it didn't quite fit with the Death Guard fluff and the hazard lines are a big feature on Iron Warriors who are a different legion entirely.

    The original pre-heresy colour scheme for Death Guard was a kind of light grey/off white colour so I reasoned ...
  3. Freaky skull spider!!!

    Snapped this guy a while ago but JKN was on about spiders in the shoutbox and he couldn't click the link so here it is.
    Real Life
  4. The search continues

    Ever since the Maelstrom debacle I've been trying to find an alternative supplier for my mini fix. Wayland is out because I don't like the way they've strong armed other businesses in the past and their ties to the pitiful Beasts of War site don't help either. The Wampstore is great and I've had top quality service whenever I've used it but it doesn't stock the predominantly gaming minis that I buy most of the time.

    That leaves me with three possibilities at the moment; Firestorm Games, ...
  5. An Undave's eye view of DUST tactics light mechs

    Quote Originally Posted by Undave View Post
    I'm off to the Secrets of the Third Reich tournament in October despite only having played one game of it so far. This being the case I've been messing about with the mech design rules trying to come up with something to provide some medium support to my German Mech Grenadier platoon. DUST Tactics models are the same scale and in a similar style to the West Wind stuff so I thought I'd raid their range for a suitable candidate. I did buy the DUST starter set purely for the mechs included in it. I've
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