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Gaming on a Budget

  1. Mongoose Publishing Sale

    Mongoose Publishing are selling off some of thier old stock, which includes Battlefield Evolution for 2.99.

    Here's the reason why from the Mongoose website;
    Here at Mongoose we are planning oodles of new miniatures games for a 2011 release - and that means it is time to clear the warehouse of lots of boxes of older, now out of print goodies.

    Our loss being your gain, we are proud to present a range of older Mongoose products, all at very keen prices that are going ...
  2. Castles and Crusades

    Now I'm a big fan of simple, free and old school RPG. I came across the Castles and Crusades RPG in my quest for free gaming, now this isn't a free system, but it does have a free downloadable quick start rules, plus there are plenty of freebies out there on the net for this system.

    The reason why I've picked up on this system as a freebie is because its based on old school mechanics, and its been ...
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  3. Free Warhammer Army Books

    No, these are not the ones published by GW but the unoffical books by the guys at Battlereporter ( There are 10 altogether covering the armies of Norsca, Nippon, Cathay, Araby and the most recent to be published Estalia. These are completely unoffical and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop, but the quality of the writing and production values of the PDF are fantastic, and well worth checking out. If you've ...

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  4. RPG Now Sale

    This sale will last approximately a week, so I've decided to go through the list and pick out the gems from the dross for you, cause I'm such a nice guy, and its Friday night and I have sod all else to do.

    The Imperium Chronicles is a mashup of sci-fi and fantasy, set in a universe of intrigue and adventure. The Imperium is a tapestry of conflicting groups, each with their own agenda. From the richest aristocrat to the poorest thug, every citizen dreams of power, ...
  5. Traveller and Twilight 2000 RPG's for $5 or under

    Hi all

    Yep the title is correct $5 or under for a couple of old school gems. These prices are over at RPGnow.

    These are two games I enjoyed playing as a teenager, Traveller the classic sci-fi space rpg and Twilight Post Apoclyptic Earth after a World War.

    Ok lets start with Twilight 2000

    Core Rules $3


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