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  1. 20 years since painting

    I suddenly became interested in miniatures and painting again only a couple weeks ago. What flipped the switch? I think I just needed to jump into something old and familiar - something away from computers (although the irony of doing my entire research online and joining this community - but... that's different.)

    I've been a musician all my life. Music is an integral part of me - and I go a bit nuts if I'm away from it too long. But I'm a creative person - and other things make me ...

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    Wamp , Painting , Real Life
  2. Relaxed Machinery Studio - Synth Closet Build

    Before I start blogging about my adventures re-entering miniature painting... I thought I'd share a bit of my main hobby / passion... music. My wife and I moved to Indiana last year (my wife found out her job was being eliminated in 3 months and then literally the last 2 weeks, she got promoted and we moved - long story... and my job was awesome and I just moved my desk from an office in one state to an office here - and then 5 months later they let me and a bunch of other people go for cost reductions... ...
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