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Boris' Ramblings

I will blather on about whatever I feel like - but will be roughly focused on painting, gaming and other stuff.

  1. Keeping busy

    With work tiring me out, I was wondering when I'd find time to get much painting done - and to be honest I haven't, but I have done a lot of prep work.

    I've started painting two models for a tabletop painting tutorial for the next issue of Irregular. This will sit back to back with an advanced tutorial by another writer (*cough, WAMPER, cough*) with the same two models. The theme is Alien Skin, and after a very quick Twitter poll, I'm painting them orange. The not so fun part is taking ...
  2. Changes afoot

    It's a new year, and I thought it was time to take stock before moving ahead.
    I want to have goals for this year, but I'm not 100% clear on what they should be other than vagaries like "improve" - you know I like to be more focused than that ;)

    So to help me define my goals I set up a thread called Peer Assessment asking other WAMPers to feed back on my strengths and weaknesses as a painter. Yes, it's a likely scary allowing people to have free reign on commenting, ...
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