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  1. seasonman's Avatar
    Good luck Boris you have alot to do . Mc Veys Ruby does look really good. Hope to see your progress on that one . Hope your worload settles down soon so you can have more fun painting time and finish those commissions off . All the best.
  2. White tiger's Avatar
    keeping busy is good ^^
    I'm still on the terminators (as you can probably tell by the mad grin) and my birthday is on the 1st of march too!

    Looking forward to finishing off these squads and getting back to my conversion with the moss you kindly provided ^^
  3. White tiger's Avatar
    I don't really get to play much at all...I'm so out of date with rules and things I've given up trying to re-learn until i finish my course...oh well more painting!
  4. Noddwyr's Avatar
    Gonna have to try this out some time. Always wanted to do a limited palette scene. Looking forward to seeing what you do.
  5. Boris's Avatar
    Thanks guys and gals.

    WT -don't be afraid to comment. Say what you feel and it can't be wrong.
    Nothing worse than a model you hate though, except one that's not going well :(
  6. Noddwyr's Avatar
    Nice stuff Boris. Good luck with the commissions.
  7. shanerozzell's Avatar
    Good luck on the commissions Becky:smile:
  8. White tiger's Avatar
    Goals are always good Boris!
    I'm not confident enough to comment on your peer assessment post (beside the fact they're good)
    I never can get up the nerve to post any of mine on there like that so go you!

    At the minute I'm painting a model I hate. I'm glad i'm not doing it for a customer (more I can't afford any nicer ones) because I'm finding it really hard to will myself to paint it, especially as the inking is not going well resulting in me having to paint, repaint and paint it ove rand over again. Oh joy there are seven more to go.

  9. Dysartes's Avatar
    Having played Inspectres in the past, it is a great little game - I'm not convinced about how well a campaign would work, but as a convention game - or a get-people-into=roleplaying game - it's great.

    Just don't ask Mr Tinsley about how I managed to destroy Lady's Bridge - twice, in the same session.....
  10. Hinton's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing, Boris!
  11. MonkeyShaman's Avatar
    Sorta longwinded sentances and I'm spelling like I'm made out of thumbs but there should be a point around here.

    It's kinda hard to get a foot in the door seeing as he states that racial unawareness is a form of racism (however that vocabulary juggle pans out). But having had this discussion with lots of people over the years as well as holding the subject of social equilibrium very high on my core belief list and as the whole racial/ideological discussion is kind of a hot topic over in my neck of the woods as well I can't really help myself.

    "I remember one of my fellow nerds of color inviting me to a Rifts game in a tough tone of voice as if he was initiating me into a gang, all the while looking around nervously as if his street cred would be in serious jeopardy"

    That sorta sounds like regular puberty.
    I guess I can't say much about american cultural climate on this but I can only assume the issue of nerdhood is a global thing. I'll try to structure it as I go along:

    The complaint that a piece of fiction or a work of art doesn't revolve around you is stuck up.
    It would sort of be like me whining about the Monalisa not being a man or that the makers of diehard should have cast a lead with a bigger tool.

    Most commercial creative decisions are based on commercial gain, I wouldn't know the first thing about being a korean kid from x neighbourhood in queens I will even go as far as saying that it would have been an easy out for the creators of spider-man to typecast kind of like when insecure women of webcomics make an all male cast gay just to show that they can indeed make multi facetted characters and it's to their creative credit that they didn't but I could relate (probably as well as anyone) to being Peter mr.joe average angsty teen Parker. (Or for that matter just really digging the web swinging thing which as far as I could parse with my limited literacy is not related to his 'whiteness') Concidering the current state of affairs in europe I'd say that if the nearest thing you've come to racism is scrawny brown haired measure a man by his actions Peter Parker your safe.

    As far as my observational skills have allowed me to register isn't 'asian nerd' sort of the holy grail of nerddom? Like when you die and have collected all the limited edition starwars leftist political pogs you return like buddha as a shiny new japanese kid with great bootleg connections? Isn't that a bigger social dilemma? I'm willing to bet that you could go to any games workshop for a day and see more black kids there during that day than you would in your local riding club for a full week.

    On the whole context of social commentary in science fiction and fantasy we could probably go two routes here (at least from this whole racial standpoint):

    A. All science fiction and fantasy deals with race

    • At some point all science fiction and fantasy end up with some alliance of the races who've previously been too biggoted or xenophobic to get along to fight a bigger externalized evil by overcoming the evils within.

    • It's all you ever hear about, its always the dwarf this or the 'nids that, our very own 'imperium of mankind' is this fascist memorabilia obsessed recluse waging war on anything thats not pink on the inside.

    • We like this format because if it was just 'then that guy when and beat up that guy and then his kids went a bit sour for it' it would sort of just be regular fiction.
    B. Science fiction and fantasy is not social commentary

    • Star wars deals with social inequality as much as Erin Brockowich deals with Generational space soapopera involving lightsabers or American History X deals with enviromental protection and destroying the one ring.
    With white people still being to skittish to admit they like Wu-Tang clan as that would prove they are racist (wth?). While happily singing along as well as (you know because they have a sense of humour or just like well produced music with sort of tongue in cheek lyrics about a big ol' man talk or quite simply are slightly piggish) looking at their girlfriend when Jay C admits to having 99 problems and none of them concern women. Doesn't in effect saying 'White people are fear mongering racists not open to discussing this cause they don't recast all fictional characters as 4'9" eskimos with a wonky eyes' blot out any sort of chance at developing peer to peer interaction as well as squandering any hope of social evolution by flaunting your own closed mindset?

    And isn't the bigger picture then that this is something present in all tiers of our culture?
  12. White tiger's Avatar
    Go paint! :)
  13. Boris's Avatar
    Cheers Hinton, If I say I'm going to do something I will go out of my way to do it. I don't like to let people down - especially myself! :)
  14. Hinton's Avatar
    Good luck with that, Becca; I mean it.

    From what I've seen of you around the forums, when you set your mind to something, you do it.
  15. Darklord's Avatar
    love sudoku - got a certificate somewhere when I attained black belt in Sudoku (honestly!!)
  16. Boris's Avatar
    Hmm, maybe I should enter more comps to try to win minis....
  17. warhammergrimace's Avatar
    I suspect those that game and paint are far worse, take keeper for instance the God of Hording Miniatures, LOL.
  18. Darklord's Avatar
    your doing well Becca. I think a lot of the time with mini painters is its easy to horde as we buy things then they get put ina box on a shelf until we're ready to paint them but invariably we forget about them. I bet if we prepped and assembled all our purchases straight away and put them in clear view we would slow down our buying when we see the amount of stuff we already have.
    I'm usually on a self imposed buying ban - think I have bought 1 miniin the last 12 months. I have plenty of great minis I havent found the time to paint already and many of those were gifts, prizes or swaps with other people. Some of it I will most likely never paint but most I am really looking forward to getting around to doing day!
    keep up the good discipline.
  19. Boris's Avatar
    I'm starting to feel the desire to splurge when the 12 months are up....aragh!
  20. exilesjjb's Avatar
    I have much respect as I only lasted 8 weeks but have cut down
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