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Real Life

For all those ramblings that are not hobby related

  1. Getting organised

    I've not been very organised about my painting for sometime now, but that's going to change.
    I'm going to not open the laptop when I get home to avoid getting sucked in to checking my mail, and WAMP. Instead I'm going to paint, at least 2 nights a week I think, Monday's and Tuesdays. Weds is for gaming, Thursday is for the internet and Friday is for hanging out with Jay and watching a movie.

    On my internet day I'm going to be more organised about my online time too. I'm planning ...
    Wamp , Painting , Real Life
  2. N.O.C Nerd of colour

    I read a really interesting and heartfelt article today about being, what the writer calls, a Nerd Of Colour (NoC) and how although a huge geek fanboy, finds himself visually under-represented in the entertainment and gaming industry.

    Please take the time to have a read here:

    It really struck me when the writer mentions Firefly as a case study. In that universe China has become such a super power that it's ...
    Real Life , Gaming
  3. The May Challenge

    I started my WIP thread with some general blurb and then thought - why not just start a blog for this kind of thing, and keep the WIP about the mini - so here's my blog.

    Yesterday, I emptied my blister boxes looking for something to paint for the May SI challenge: Road Warrior, but I couldn't find anything suitable. I did however decide what to paint up for Euro Militaire - as we're hoping to go in September for the first time.
    I chose my Urban Mammoth dude, that I bought for ...
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    Painting , Gaming , Real Life