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  1. On being a ghostbuster

    Yesterday I got a new job as a ghostbuster, well for an hour or so anyway.
    It was Indie Role Play day at Patriot Games, our local hobby store and I went down out of curiosity - OK, Jay wanted to go more than me, but I was happy enough to tag along.

    I got roped into joining in a game that had already started, it was called Inspectres, and is based on the idea of running a ghostbusters-esque franchise. Our location was obviously, Sheffield! The team already consisted of a financial ...
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  2. N.O.C Nerd of colour

    I read a really interesting and heartfelt article today about being, what the writer calls, a Nerd Of Colour (NoC) and how although a huge geek fanboy, finds himself visually under-represented in the entertainment and gaming industry.

    Please take the time to have a read here:

    It really struck me when the writer mentions Firefly as a case study. In that universe China has become such a super power that it's ...
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  3. The horror

    Last night, at the end of our gaming session we started planning what we would play in a fortnight's time and decided a version of Songs of Blades and Hero's /Flying Lead with cowboys.
    This means we all need to create a warband and get the minis together in advance.

    As I don't have a back catalog of painted minis I usually borrow from WarhammerGrimmace or Keeper, but this time I need to sort out my own.
    I do in fact have a couple of blisters of Cobblestone minis that ...
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  4. The fear of being stupid

    From speaking to people it seems they started gaming in their early teens and have often spent 10 - 20 years playing all kinds of different systems.
    I've been playing regularly now for 14 months, and I started when I was 29. Having come to it as a newcomer it's really not as simple to start as it appears on the surface.

    • There are strange terms, jargon and acronyms.
    • There are strange dice - and it's not easy to spot the difference between a D8 or D12 straight away, and
  5. The May Challenge

    I started my WIP thread with some general blurb and then thought - why not just start a blog for this kind of thing, and keep the WIP about the mini - so here's my blog.

    Yesterday, I emptied my blister boxes looking for something to paint for the May SI challenge: Road Warrior, but I couldn't find anything suitable. I did however decide what to paint up for Euro Militaire - as we're hoping to go in September for the first time.
    I chose my Urban Mammoth dude, that I bought for ...
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    Painting , Gaming , Real Life