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Real Life

For all those ramblings that are not hobby related

  1. Getting back into the swing of things's harder than I originally thought.

    For those that didn't know, a while back I was doing videos with news about miniatures and gaming, as well as the occasional review of various products related to the hobby. For certain reasons, I had to step back from everything for a while; several months, as it turned out.

    But once things settled down a bit, I drifted back over to WaMP as I really missed the forums and the people here. One thing that I've been asked is if/when ...
    Real Life
  2. Miniature and Gaming News: Darksword, DGS Games, Four A and more!

  3. Miniature and Gaming News: Elodie Mae, Scale 75 and James Across the Pond

    Price increases, new minis and bases, and a report from James in the UK:

    Andrea Miniatures

    Elodie Mae

    Scale 75

    Fiendish Fabrications

    Crooked Dice

    Foundations of War ...

    Updated 21-11-2010 at 01:23 PM by Hinton

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    Painting , Gaming , Real Life
  4. RGM Review: InSpectres

    Ever had the dream of being a ghostbuster? Of course you have. With InSpectres, you get the chance to be a supernatural investigator and eliminator. But, is it any good?

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    Gaming , Real Life
  5. Can ARG learn to say 'resin miniature'?

    Angry Random Geek gets a new set-up, but can he actually talk about resin miniatures without stumbling over the word 'resin'? Hinton lends a hand in the hopes of getting ARG over the hump.

    (completely forgot to put this one on my blog)
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    Real Life
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