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Random Geek Moments

Discussing whatever happens to be on my geeky brain.

  1. RGM Review: InSpectres

    Ever had the dream of being a ghostbuster? Of course you have. With InSpectres, you get the chance to be a supernatural investigator and eliminator. But, is it any good?

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    Gaming , Real Life
  2. RGM Review: Preacher (Kingdom Death)

    A quick review of Preacher from Kingdom Death.

    Kingdom Death:
  3. RGM Review: Miniature Painting Secrets with Natalya video

    Another video tutorial has come along and, like others, this one is from one of the best mini painters out there: Natalya Melnik.

    So, how much do we learn in this video series?

    NOTE: This is for the videos, not the DVD set.

    Cool Mini or Not:

    Real Life
  4. RGM Review: Cirae

    We'll take a look at Cirae, the latest miniature from JoeK Minis.

    JoeK Minis:

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    Real Life
  5. RGM Review: Frankenstein box set

    In this video we take a lot at one of the box sets from Blue Moon Manufacturing titled "I Just Don't Feel Put Together Right".

    Blue Moon Manufacturing:

    Real Life
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