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  1. Wrath of Kings Kickstarter Review....part 2

    So then I opened the Nasier add on box...

    Every Model I looked at was perfect..

    I took 4 random models.. an Ashman Swordsman, Shadrus Arikim, the Blind Hakar and a Pelegarth Bloodmask.

    The Ashmen Swordsman

    Awesome cast outstanding detail for a plastic ...
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  2. Wrath of Kings Kickstarter Review....

    On Friday 13th I took delivery of my long awaited Wrath of Kings Kickstarter pledge.

    It came in a huge box which made me think oh my god.. so I opened the box and inside was my King 100 pledge, I actually added on 2 special characters models, the Ancient King and the Kingdom Death Twilight Knight Crossover which I will get to later.
    I opted for Shael Han faction and the Nasier faction. The King 100 pledge was for 2 starter sets of my choice and the rule book plus the ...
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