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  1. An Egg-citing Monster~!

    Okay, so maybe not a monster, but what, exactly is this?
    Chris M - Egg-2.jpg
    Its my rather rushed entry for the Massive Vodoo Easter Season Contest~! Seen here:

    I got my inspiration to make this egghead from the Deamon Eggs at!

    Unfortunately, the deadline snuck up on me and I had to scramble ...
  2. Painting Table update - What's next?

    Remaining on my painting table are:
    Blighted trollkin - need to finish the skin and bone spikes
    Wraithwitch Deneghra - need to finish armor and base
    Scavenger - mostly unfinished
    Defiler - mostly unfinished
    Carnivean - now that I've learned how to wetblend, I'm tempted to go back and redo its skin
    Boo booty - need to finish metalics and mouth
    Sisters of Battle squad - stripped of old paint and cleaned off mold lines. Need to prime and figure out paint scheme. ...
  3. Its a start

    Inspired by Scott Radom's recent post (Scott v 2012) I thought I'd use the blog as sort of the same thing. Here are the first minis I've finished in 2012, two units of Sisters of Battle I painted for a friend of mine. The color choices are his btw. Please provide comments, criticisms, and feedback as it will only help me to get better!