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MamaGeek's Minis

My Painting Blog

  1. WIP: St. Michael the Archangel (part 2)


    5 hours in now. Red and gold mostly done. Face pretty much done. Rest of the skin and hair only just begun.
  2. Tired...

    If anyone has been following my blog at all, you may have noticed a recent lack of activity (lacking for me, anyway). I just returned from a trip to visit my dying Grandfather in Florida. My family drove 14 hours there on Saturday and 14 hours home yesterday. We all returned to school and work today, and let me tell you, I am tired! It will probably be a few more days before I post any painting updates. I need to rest!

    In painting news, while I was on my trip, Reaper announced ...
    Painting , Real Life
  3. "Visiting Grandpa" and Giant Mountain Troll

    I put together this little diorama to enter in the Reaper summer online painting contest.

    The orc mom and kids come together as a set: Orc Matron and Brood
    The grandpa is: Surkar, Orc Shaman

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    Much thanks is owed to Talespinner for sculpting me the fallen potted plant. (Andy, you're the best!)