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  1. WIP: St. Michael the Archangel (part 2)


    5 hours in now. Red and gold mostly done. Face pretty much done. Rest of the skin and hair only just begun.
  2. Thief of Hearts - Finished!

  3. Thief of Hearts WIP5 – Skin layering steps 1-3

    I decided to begin with the skin, using my new Da Vinci Maestro "Miniaturist" brush, size 2, that I just ordered from

    I base coated the skin with a layer of Reaper MSP Sandy Tan, mixed with white.

    My second layer was a very, very thin teal that I mixed myself from Reaper MSP Clear Blue and some GW yellow paint I need to use up. I applied this in the shadow areas
  4. Thief of Hearts WIP1 – Base Beginnings

    My next project up is Dark Sword’s Thief of Hearts. I’ll be making a pretty elaborate scenic base for this, from a block of cherry wood I picked up at the NCMSS show.

    This first shot shows you the miniature sticky tacked on top of the wood block I’ll be using.


    Updated 09-10-2011 at 04:18 PM by MamaGeek

  5. Finished Draconid

    I painted this Dark Sword figure with a spiked chain conversion for a friend to use in our D&D game.

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