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MamaGeek's Minis

My Painting Blog

  1. Thief of Hearts WIP 8 - Cloak, Continued

    I spent two more hours working on the cloak, using the same colors from before. It's still not done, but it's getting there.
  2. Thief of Hearts WIP 7 Cloak

    Step 1: Base coat with violet mixed with white
    Step 2: Shade with yellow mixed with black
    Step 3: Shade with violet - it looks too pink! A wash of clear blue should fix it (see that started on the right side of the cloak)
    Step 4: Finish the clear blue wash, then shade, highlight, shade, highlight with all of the above where they seem to go.
  3. Thief of Hearts WIP6 - Skin layering steps 4-6

    Step 4: I applied more of the Sandy Brown, White, and Teal.
    Step 5: Very thin blood red to bring the skin tone to life.
    Step 6: GW Elf flesh to blend the tones together

    I think Ive lost too much of the contrast now, but Ill go back and touch it up later. I want to move on to the cloak.
  4. Thief of Hearts WIP5 Skin layering steps 1-3

    I decided to begin with the skin, using my new Da Vinci Maestro "Miniaturist" brush, size 2, that I just ordered from

    I base coated the skin with a layer of Reaper MSP Sandy Tan, mixed with white.

    My second layer was a very, very thin teal that I mixed myself from Reaper MSP Clear Blue and some GW yellow paint I need to use up. I applied this in the shadow areas