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  1. SD's Basics: creating good, yet cheap, washes, and making old, dried paint like new.

    My christmas day is spent at home, and while I have only my sister for family yet stilled filled with holiday cheer this leaves me with very little to do, so as I sit here waiting for a game to download on steam I decided I would share a little trick of mine that I recently discovered after a bit of research and trial and error.

    Turns out, making your own washes is a snap, who knew? I have played with this a bit, experimenting and finding out what seems to work best.

    Wamp , Painting
  2. SD's basics WIP - Layering tones, Color Theory, Advanced: photography!

    The last pic of this guy was horrid, this one is definitely passable.

    soulgrinderwip1 001.jpg

    As you can see I am learning to improve my layered tones by doing large areas on a large and great model. This soul grinder is part of my Paint for Profit Challenge and is the first model out of a Demon collection that I plan to sell. I am hoping to gain retail value for him as I got him in a trade and consider the trade to be a great deal.

    This red flesh has ...
    Wamp , Painting
  3. for a pound.

    So, something dawned on me lately.

    For nearly 4 years I was only into the hobby in, well I wouldn't call it a small way but in a way that wasn't as serious nor as productive. "Aloof" would be a good term for how I approached everything in the hobby. For 3 and a half or even for years I had decided to avoid websites, tutorials, and talking to people about painting techniques for the sole reason of seeing how far I could go on my own. The end result of that little lab ...

    Updated 07-11-2011 at 11:10 AM by Spectral Dragon

    Wamp , Painting , Real Life