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Spectral Dragon

  1. Editing photos, do they make mini's better than real life, or is it a necessity?

    Before the advent of GIMP:
    Triarch Praetoreon 1.jpg

    After the usage of GIMP:
    Triarch Praetoreon 1-1.jpg

    I will be honest here: when viewing the picture at larger than mini size he looks better than the mini, when viewing at same mini size he looks very close in the second pic. My verdict is thus the usage of editing software is necessary!

    Case closed.
  2. SD's Basics: creating good, yet cheap, washes, and making old, dried paint like new.

    My christmas day is spent at home, and while I have only my sister for family yet stilled filled with holiday cheer this leaves me with very little to do, so as I sit here waiting for a game to download on steam I decided I would share a little trick of mine that I recently discovered after a bit of research and trial and error.

    Turns out, making your own washes is a snap, who knew? I have played with this a bit, experimenting and finding out what seems to work best.

    Wamp , Painting
  3. SD's Mid Level: True Colored Metallic Shading/Highlighting

    Anyone who happened to see my latest 3 or so WIP threads will know I have been working on this a lot!

    Here is my latest foray into this: Trazyn the Infinite on custom built base WIP.

    I think it's fair to say that the shading and the highlighting, especially on the torso, adds some much needed depth to the model. Trazyn is in a very crunched up crazy scientist pose. ...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Images
  4. SD's basics WIP - Layering tones, Color Theory, Advanced: photography!

    The last pic of this guy was horrid, this one is definitely passable.

    soulgrinderwip1 001.jpg

    As you can see I am learning to improve my layered tones by doing large areas on a large and great model. This soul grinder is part of my Paint for Profit Challenge and is the first model out of a Demon collection that I plan to sell. I am hoping to gain retail value for him as I got him in a trade and consider the trade to be a great deal.

    This red flesh has ...
    Wamp , Painting
  5. SD's Basics WIP - blending/layering

    Quote Originally Posted by Spectral Dragon View Post
    I tried to change the main title to "SD's basics WIP." Can't seem to change the original title though.

    The following is my attempt at subtle highlighting. You can see it in a few parts of these pics.
    sorry for the bad photo's, this guy is camera shy.
    Attachment 6778
    I have decided to post the WIP of me learning some basic and advanced skills here in my blog for anyone who is interested in watching someone learn and grow. Above is my ...
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