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  1. Stuff making live- Hills

    Since I seem to be able to at the very least start doing stuff when I do live updates I'll try this as I've decided to make hill sections for my testing table.
    Goal of the day is to make hill sections covering 38,7" (98cm-isch) with an average depth of 20-35 cm (roughly 8-12")with inclines, slopes and the like.
    These are meant to be stackable, light and hard without cheating and using epoxy or other resins.
    Main materials used will be at least two squeeze bottles ...

    Updated 12-05-2011 at 06:47 PM by MonkeyShaman

    Painting , Gaming , Conversion , Real Life
  2. Who's got a descent box?

    Been busy cracking boxes and making lists.
    For some reason the descent minis (or as they call it plastic toy figures)
    strike me as a joke I myself am not aware of.
    If the miniatures in for example HeroQuest was of equal quality when it first came out people would to this day question the logic in buying GW.
    This at a time when producing quality plastic minis was still a form of mysticism (think transformers accessory guns GI joes helmet hair to mention a few.)