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  1. General thoughts (The forum review)

    Seeing as I read the forum at inopportune moments and therefore can't answer anything before I loose track of it I'll just drop the items here when and if I get a chance/don't forget.

    full explanations when I get home:

    Couldn't be arsed to fire up illustrator:
    manual injection moulder.jpg

    If I'd make an addendum it would be to have a one way valve on the injection nozzle of the piston.
    (before the tube/nozzle leading to the master connection point.) ...

    Updated 21-04-2011 at 12:08 PM by MonkeyShaman

  2. 'Excuse me waiter, there's a forum in my wiki.'

    So I accidentally float back into sculpting because that's where I always end up when I've become a creative salt lake (it's my happy place. ) as per usual (as I guess is routine with almost every painter/sculpter/gamer)I look up CMON and discover the awesome news on the painting wiki.
    Finally drybrushing isn't synonymous with an eight part 2hour dvd course by almost golden demon winners (I'm sure they do a great deal more but the point remains.) So off I go to share my blasphemous ...