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  1. Just when you thought it was all over...

    Fear not faithful followers (if there are any!) I have not abandoned the wraithlord project, and I bring you with no further ado the first part of the basing!


    Now I liked the suggestiong Darklord made of having extra height on one side to add a bit more interest to the piece so I rolled some card up and taped it to the lid. Then I took a notecard and cut it into an isosceles trapezoid (that's a triangle with the pointy ...
  2. Okay, I might have got this inking thing down...or at least better

    yes MORE terminators!

    I'm not 100% happy with both of them yet to be honest, all of the terminators I'm doing/have posted need little touch ups, finishing bits... I'm just hoping I finish enough of them to be ready for the army challenge!

    If not...more painted deathwing than i started out with!
    I'm sticking with my outlandish red alien fauna, though i'm trying to tone it down with brown ink (the stuff DRINKS it though...and I want it to be red so much :'( )
    Painting , Real Life
  3. More terminators (Having fun yet?)

    Okay, so i've painted two more terminators that I'm happy with since I last posted. What a palaver!

    The second one i started with a light and happy heart, only for the inking to go horribly wrong, the model looked like i'd dipped it in soy sauce. So i painted it again. Then inked it. Same thing happend.

    I finally worked out (with some good advice from here) that it was the brush and the dab on dab off method i was using. The model still came out darker than the first one, ...
    Wamp , Painting
  4. Lonely painters?

    So, I was just reading another blog entry and the blogger mentioned that painters tend to be lonesome creatures.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
    The words brought back some memories for me. I used to be a gamer, spray my marines, few coloured lines on the arm pads and boltgun metal on the guns. Then let's play!<o:p></o:p>
    Suddenlt something changed. Something changed and I know exactly who ...
    Painting , Real Life